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Walking in the Word Ministries

Missions: Ministering Beyond Our Borders (Missionary Edition): What "Missions" Means For The Missionary

Missions: Ministering Beyond Our Borders (Missionary Edition): What "Missions" Means For The Missionary

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This book has been written to provide insight into the physical, emotional, and spiritual adjustments a missionary faces as he begins his new life and ministry. Throughout its pages you will find spiritual encouragements for the missionary and helpful hints for his family and friends who desire to support him in his service to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The "Letter to the Reader" expresses a personal caution for the reader to be open-minded and kind-hearted as he reads about the real struggles that missionaries encounter. It encourages the reader, whether missionary or missionary supporter, to be gracious as the physical and spiritual struggles of missions are openly illustrated and discussed with the goal of revealing Biblical comfort and counsel for each topic. The "Introduction" encourages the reader to balance the physical and emotional realities of missionary work with the spiritual joy of harvesting God's reward. Each chapter presents its subject matter by considering four progressive points of view of a missionary's life and circumstances: The Missionary Experience, The Biblical Example, The Actual Events, and The Biblical Exhortation. "The Missionary Experience" provides a brief synopsis of what a missionary may experience as he pursues God's call for his life. This brief introduction to the subject matter is based on real experiences missionaries have faced and is provided as an explanation of the importance of the specific subject of that chapter. "The Biblical Example" seeks to help the reader understand that his experiences are not new. They have been faced by others who have followed God's will for their lives and ministries throughout the Scriptures. By considering these examples, the missionary will have the opportunity to see examples of both correct and incorrect responses, as well as their results. It will also give the reader a 20/20 perspective of how God has used similar situations not to destroy His servants but rather to enhance their usability and bless their obedience in the end. "The Actual Events" is an opportunity for the author to share his personal experience or those of fellow missionaries he knows in order to help the reader understand that he is not alone. It also provides the opportunity to present specific spiritual lessons learned as he or others he knows have experienced the subject first hand. "The Biblical Exhortation" concludes the chapter by giving specific verses and passages of Scripture to direct the reader in the days and weeks that follow. The exhortation has a two-fold purpose: first, to provide the reader with clear Biblical instruction as to how he must follow God's Word and will in his life, and second, to provide a spiritual pep talk for those who are growing weary in the work. As each chapter concludes, three extra resources are provided. First, practical advice is given for each of the three different participants in the ministry of missions: the missionary candidate, the missionary's supporters, and the missionary in service. Second, extra passages of Scripture are included to help build the faith of those missionaries who are facing the specific trial or situations that have been addressed. Third, extra examples of Biblical characters who faced similar circumstances is provided, along with the passage reference so that further Biblical study can be made. The missionary's edition of the book includes an appendix that gives outlines and tips to help the missionary begin his new life and ministry on his field of service. Although each field of service is different, these outlines and tips are presented in such a way as to provide both detailed suggestions as well as general principles in directing the missionary to make wise choices in many of his tough decisions. The subject matter includes, but is not limited to, language learning, health concerns, housing arrangements, and church facilities.

Author: Jeremy J. Markle
Publisher: Walking in the Word Ministries
Published: 09/30/2014
Pages: 302
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.77lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.51w x 0.63d
ISBN: 9780692304341

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