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X. Paul Humbert

Model Contract Terms and Conditions with Annotations and Case Summaries

Model Contract Terms and Conditions with Annotations and Case Summaries

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ABOUT THIS BOOKThis book assists the reader and provides value in three ways: First, model contract language in the form of commercial terms and conditions are provided. Second, the contract language is annotated with explanations and suggestions for each of the key articles. Third, summaries of actual litigated cases are provided in synopsis form. This triple combination of language, annotations and key case synopses all work together to instruct and enlighten the reader.WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID ABOUT THIS BOOK"This book is a superb tool for anyone who relies upon contracts in their business dealings..."Nick Conca, Esq.Chief Claims Officer, Markel Corporation"The authors have hit the ball out of the park They have crafted an easy to read and easy to understand contracts primer that all supply / demand chain professionals will embrace..."Dan Klepacki, MBA, BS EngineeringAdjunct Professor - Rutgers Business School and Senior Industry Advisor Rutgers SCM Program "This book should be required reading for any Project Manager..."Frank V. Cielo, PMP Head of Operational ExcellenceKEMA Laboratories ChalfontDNV GL Energy"After having read Model Contract Terms and Conditions With Annotations and Case Studies, by Paul Humbert and Robert Mastice, I hope that this treatise becomes a standard manual in any situation where personnel have to develop and draft contracts in any business setting...."Glenn A. Montgonery, Esq., B.A., M.A., J.D.Montgomery, Chapin & Fetten, P.C."Finally, a concise, annotated source of model contract terms and conditions with case summaries and citations prepared by those with actual, hands-on experience with complex project management transactions..."Glen Clark, Esq.Managing PartnerRiker Danzig, Esqs."The authors' practical experience and technical knowledge combine to provide a valuable guide for executives in the industry. This book contains valuable, real-world framework for successful capital project execution..." Guy Cipriano, P.E.President-EI Associates"Authors Paul Humbert and Robert Mastice do an exquisite job of simplifying and decomposing a complex topic in a pragmatic way..."Charlie WhiteEntrepreneur & Principal PartnerThwakk, Inc"Contracts make the commercial world go round. The authors have done a stellar job of demystifying the contracting process, and what can be intimidating "legal" terms and conditions..."James A. SilvaVP Solution & Business DevelopmentHD Supply - Power Solutions "Paul Humbert and Robert Mastice have written an invaluable resource for any business person or attorney who deals with commercial contracts. They provide section by section explanations of the purpose of, and rationale for, a wide range of common commercial contract provisions. Their commentary is illuminating for anyone who deals with those types of provisions. I have practiced law for more than 35 years. I wish that a resource like this had been available to me when I began to practice. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone, lawyer or non-lawyer, who would like to increase his or her understanding of commercial contracts."Richard Cogen, Esq.PartnerNixon Peabody, LLPOTHER BENEFITS OF THIS BOOKThis book also facilitates the creation of a project or transaction specific Contract Management Plan. ("CMP"). A CMP is essentially an internal document prepared by either the Company or the Contractor for use by their respective employees in managing the transaction that is the subject of the Contract. The CMP is not shared with the other party since it deals exclusively with the internal considerations and mechanics associated with one party's administration and management of its rights and responsibilities under the Contract. The CMP supplements the Contract and also permits a documented methodology for applying lessons learned from past transactions.

Author: Robert C. Mastice, X. Paul Humbert
Publisher: X. Paul Humbert
Published: 08/08/2014
Pages: 220
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.66lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.46d
ISBN: 9780692272084

About the Author
X. Paul Humbert. Esq. Paul Humbert is President of the Humbert Group, LLC, which provides consulting services to global procurement clients with particular emphasis on: complex negotiations, strategic alliances, process improvement, risk management techniques, project management assistance, training and coaching, as well as post-execution contract management including dispute resolution. Paul holds degrees in both business and law and has extensive experience in these areas. He is an expert in structuring agreements and contract management procedures that are clear and minimize the risk of claims or non-conforming deliverables. In addition to assisting clients, Paul also teaches at the graduate school level. He is a lecturer at the Rutgers University Graduate School of Business and has also served as Adjunct Professor at both Seton Law School and Monmouth College where he taught legal and business courses. Paul has also served as an arbiter for the American Arbitration Association. Paul is a frequent lecturer and guest speaker. Contact Information: Robert C. Mastice, MSME Robert C. Mastice is Principal / Managing Director of Tri-Power Consulting Services, LLC ("Tri-Power"). Tri-Power provides services to fortune 500 companies in three areas: (a) project based contracting management / document management, (b) contingent labor contracting labor services for managed service programs (MSPs) and (c) business process modeling using custom built IT applications. Tri-Power's affiliate, Tri-Power Design, LLC provides electro-mechanical design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing service to global companies for medical devices, consumer products as well as custom one-of-a-kind machine design, engineering and fabrication. Robert has years of experience in contract creation, negotiation and management services. In the construction industry Robert has supported clients with contract terms and scope of work crafting, contract negotiations, and document management and control services as well as post-execution contract management including backcharge, warranty, contract close out and dispute resolution. Robert holds advanced degrees in mechanical engineering and is an expert in managing the process of executing commercial transactions from "cradle-to-grave". Contact Information:

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