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Syracuse University Press

Munsee Indian Trade in Ulster County New York 1712-1732

Munsee Indian Trade in Ulster County New York 1712-1732

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This book offers the full, annotated translation of a recently discovered Dutch account book recording trade with Native Americans in Ulster County, New York, from 1712 to 1732. The ledger contains just over two-thousand transactions with about two-hundred native individuals. Slightly more than one-hundred Indians appear with their names listed. The volume and granularity of the entries allow for detailed indexing and comparative analysis of the people and processes involved in these commercial dealings in the mid-Hudson River Valley.

Waterman and Smith place this exceptional resource within its historical context, presenting figures and tables with aggregated data. They examine several key aspects of the intercultural exchanges, such as the high level of participation by Native American women and the growing importance of the deerskin trade in this region. In addition, the appendix contains individual profiles of forty Esopus and Wappinger Indians appearing in the Ulster County account book.

Author: Kees-Jan Waterman
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
Published: 10/24/2013
Pages: 327
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.40lbs
Size: 9.37h x 6.38w x 1.14d
ISBN: 9780815633167

About the Author

Kees-Jan Waterman is manager of KITLV Press in the Netherlands. He is the author of To Do Justice to Him and Myself: Evert Wendell's Account Book for the Fur Trade with Indians in Albany, NY, 1695-1726.

J. Michael Smith is a Senior Media Specialist at Vermont Public Television. As an independent historian, he has documented the cultural histories of Munsee-Delaware peoples and the lives of individual natives in the mid-Hudson River Valley. His articles have appeared in the Hudson River Valley Review.
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