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Murphy's Law, Vol. Two: Odds & Sods, Etc.

Murphy's Law, Vol. Two: Odds & Sods, Etc.

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In this collection of essays, reviews and ruminations, best-selling author Sean Murphy attempts to tackle the world in writing, one topic at a time. Selecting a sampling of his most popular pieces as well as some personal favorites, Murphy ranges from movies and literature to politics, sports and tributes for the departed. At his blog, Murphy's Law, and as a columnist for PopMatters and contributing editor for The Weeklings, Murphy has combined enthusiasm and proficiency in the service of short and extended analyses. Throughout this compilation he shifts seamlessly between culture, the arts and an ongoing interrogation of American society. Ranging from acclaimed foreign films like Walkabout to addictive pop-candy like Caddyshack, or remembering the impact of Steve Jobs and Norio Ohga (who invented the compact disc), this collection at times eulogizes, castigates and celebrates culture, both high and lowbrow. Whether describing the ordeal of putting down a beloved dog, the melodrama of unrequited teen crushes, or seeking out authentic Chinese cuisine in rural Virginia, Murphy takes a deep dive on topics familiar and obscure. Were the '90s a soulless wasteland or an artistic apogee, ripe for reassessment? What's the best scene in cinematic history? How did Muhammad Ali's most important fight take place outside the ring? Did mistakes made early in Obama's first term presage the unimaginable spectacle of Donald Trump? Can the millennial generation understand, much less appreciate, the lost art of making mix-tapes? Has 21st Century information overload made enlightenment possible, or even desirable? Equal parts reporter and raconteur, Murphy brings an informed acumen to essays mercifully free from academic jargon and pretension. By turns studious, confrontational, hilarious and philosophical, Murphy's Law, Vol. Two will leave readers better informed, provoked and, hopefully, inspired to discover the work of some geniuses who've fallen outside the lower frequencies.

Author: Sean Murphy
Publisher: Bright Moments Books
Published: 07/28/2017
Pages: 472
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.38lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.95d
ISBN: 9780989880558

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