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A. A. Warren

My Dad Is A Giant: My Dad Is A Giant

My Dad Is A Giant: My Dad Is A Giant

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A children's book written by A. A. Warren voices a vibrant, mythical story about a son who views his father as superhuman. In a young child's eyes through imagination, he perceives his father as a Giant. The first sentence in the book is depicted from a child's voice as he states, "My dad is a Giant." He begins to detail examples and to paint solid proof to create a story that will convince readers that his Dad is really a Giant. Images of a Dad tossing his son up in the air where he nearly touches the sky or donning a superhero cape in order to fight off scary things underneath his bed are all enormous, extraordinary, and heroic from his son's worldview. His Dad has gigantic hands capable of opening anything! He commands mighty beasts also known as a Jeep! A framed selfie of Son and Dad illustrated at the end of the story shows proof that his real-life giant 'Dad' does truly exist.

"My Dad is a Giant," is a warm and lyrical ode to all Dad's everywhere. This story compels us all to look for the GIANTS in our own lives.

The book is translated into Spanish and Mandarin on the closing pages.

Author: A. a. Warren
Publisher: A. A. Warren
Published: 03/13/2023
Pages: 50
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.41lbs
Size: 8.50h x 11.00w x 0.13d
ISBN: 9798986834801

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