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Mom's Campus Inc.

My Smart Infant: Smartguide-Newborn to 6 Months

My Smart Infant: Smartguide-Newborn to 6 Months

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An Invaluable Resource That Takes the Guesswork out of Developmental Stewardship for New Parents

"Bonnie Rosenstein's commitment to children and her own family is evident in her book My Smart Infant. Her insights come from a place of experience, knowledge and heart."
-Elisabeth Rohm, Actress and Author of Baby Steps

My Smart Infant: SmartGuide-Newborn to 6 Months is for parents of infants looking for a high-quality resource from which to learn more effective ways to teach their children the basic skills needed for growth and how to strengthen their child's current skills for higher learning.

In this engaging and informative guide, Bonnie Rosenstein, M.A., Ed., creates a platform for parents to explore various topics pertaining to their baby's educational growth, including:

-Developmental age-related checklist
-Essential tips and information
-Toys and items for the home
-How to create and set up an enriching learning environment
-Learning activities
-Ways to develop self-esteem
-Age-appropriate resources

With the help of My Smart Infant: SmartGuide-Newborn to 6 Months, you will understand more about your role in your baby's life and education and how you can best meet your baby's developmental needs while enriching their learning environment.

"My twins were fortunate enough to have Bonnie Chall Rosenstein as a Preschool teacher. She set the bar high for them and they grabbed it I truly believe that their first classroom experience with "Miss Bonnie" prepared them for their love of learning, which lasted through college. They soaked up her lessons like little sponges, learned so much and were more than ready for kindergarten. Our family will always be grateful to Bonnie Chall Rosenstein for making it fun to be smart "
-Cathy Hartney, mom of twins Chelsea & Ryan

"Bonnie Rosenstein is not only an academic in infant learning, she is also well practiced, having raised two smart, fun-loving, and high-character children. Bonnie has made it her mission in life to help others help their kids. In her book, she leaves no stone unturned, providing countless golden parenting nuggets on how to get a jumpstart on your child's learning. and she does it in a conversational way, making it as easy as one, two, three." -MIKE WHALEN, Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP

Author: Bonnie Rosenstein
Publisher: Mom's Campus Inc.
Published: 08/12/2018
Pages: 58
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.35lbs
Size: 10.00h x 7.00w x 0.15d
ISBN: 9780692145098

About the Author
Bonnie Rosenstein obtained her certification in Elementary Education with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Hartford and a Master of Arts from Adelphi University. She has more than twenty years' teaching experience in the education field from infants up through sixth grade. She has been a pre-kindergarten teacher in various preschools and developed and executed a "Learning to Read" program, and most of the students were reading by the end of pre--kindergarten. She taught several grades in elementary school, wrote children's computer software programs for a start-up Internet company, and was instrumental in the setup and development where she worked her way up from a teacher to a directorship position of a Corporate Back-up Childcare Center for several years. Bonnie's greatest experience has been raising her own two children who are now teenagers. From the time her children were newborns, she engaged them in various enrichment activities and documented everything she and her children did. Other parents turned to her for advice about how and what to do to with their children to educate and enrich them. Bonnie's husband, Rich, inspired, motivated, and encouraged her to gather all her research and information to help other parents, which is how mySmartChild was created. Both of Bonnie's children are in gifted, honors, and taking college-level classes in high school and are significantly succeeding at a well above-average rate in their subject areas. The support and educational foundation they received at home gave them what they needed to succeed in school. Though her children work independently and have excellent academic and organization skills, Bonnie remains involved in both children's education and many after-school activities. One of Bonnie's specialties is knowing how to prepare children for an IQ test before they enter kindergarten and score above average for parents seeking elementary and middle schools with gifted programs. Originally from New York, Bonnie currently lives in South Florida. She keeps up to date with current educational research and trends. She is truly passionate about a child's early learning at home prior to entering preschool or kindergarten. She knows that with the right tools and information, new parents can ensure that their babies will be on a very nurturing and educational path. For questions, concerns, or advice, visit and look for other age-related SmartGuides, educational products, and ideas.

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