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Natural Hair for Young Women: A step-by-step guide to Natural Hair for Black Women, the Best Hair Products, Hair Growth, Hair Treatments, Natural Ha

Natural Hair for Young Women: A step-by-step guide to Natural Hair for Black Women, the Best Hair Products, Hair Growth, Hair Treatments, Natural Ha

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Format presents the book for young women with natural hair entitled "Natural Hair for Young Women", as the first in its series of books which provides a holistic approach to natural black hair for young women. This book not only addresses the practical concepts of natural hair care, but it more importantly provides guidance for our young woman to reclaim control over their own mind, body, and spirits, as opposed to conforming to rules and standards of beauty, that do not apply to us, but only serve to bring us to a state of mental, spiritual, social, and physical disease. "Natural Hair for Young Women" aims to bring our young women to an elevated state of awareness, by becoming one of the first tools that our young women will place in their medicine bags as they embark on their journey to becoming holistically healthy, even down to the stands of their hair. This book will be a tool as well as a guide along their journey to embracing who and what they naturally are. It will also inform them about the devastating effects that applying chemicals to our bodies has on our health. Further it will equip them with realistic viable alternatives and guidance on how to transition and "return" natural, so that they can blossom into natural, beautiful, holistically healthy women and reveal their crowns with pride "Natural Hair for Young Women" aims to reach our teenage girls so that they will come into their awareness and power much earlier in life, before they cause irreparable damage to their hair, spirits, mind, and bodies. Irrespective of that, the information that "Natural Hair for Young Women" will present can assist ALL women who posses a crown so that they can recover their natural beauty and power

Author: Phylecia Tarael-Anu
Publisher: Anu Publishing
Published: 05/28/2013
Pages: 134
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.45lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.31d
ISBN: 9780615825885

About the Author
Phylecia Tarael-ANU is a natural hair blogger, author, and workshop teacher. As early as the age of 6 years old Phylecia learned how to braid and style hair, and later became the neighborhood stylist for friends and family members. In 2011 when she decided to make the transition to return natural, that decision began to open her up to a new awareness which put her on a path to study African spiritual systems and metaphysics which she continues to study today with the Sadulu House Spiritual Institute. While she by no means purports herself to be a conscious guru, she is a student of the sciences, and has become aware of the programming that exists in this society that aims to keep our people sedated and dis-empowered. Phylecia's goal is to share this information with our young black women, so that at the very least, they will walk away with some tools to help them embrace who they naturally are, and take back control over their own mind, body and spirit. Through her forthcoming book "Natural Hair for Young Women" Phylecia Tarael-ANU encourages our young women to empower themselves, chart our their own paths, live by their own rules, and honor themselves, as the royalty that they are!

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