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Brookings Institution Press

New Perspectives on Economic Growth and Technological Innovation

New Perspectives on Economic Growth and Technological Innovation

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Two hundred years ago, the first Industrial Revolution sparked a dramatic acceleration in the quantity of goods and services available to the average citizen--a trend of steadily increasing real income per capita that continues to this day. Since that time, economists have struggled to develop systematic explanations for what caused the sudden, rapid increase, why the economy keeps growing, and why the rate of growth varies in different time periods and nations. In this book, F. M. Scherer traces the evolution of economic growth theory from the Industrial Revolution to the present. Emphasizing technological change as the most crucial dynamic force for growth, Scherer analyzes early hypotheses that paid little attention to new technologies, follows the emergence of theories that increasingly emphasized technological change, and reviews the current state of economic growth theory. Pointing out a lack of solid microbehavioral foundations to support contemporary new growth ideas, Scherer then supplies some foundational bricks concerning financial investment and human capital, and concludes by exploring the prospects for sustaining rapid growth into the next century. Copublished with the British-North American Committee

Author: F. M. Scherer
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
Published: 06/01/1999
Pages: 188
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.60lbs
Size: 9.12h x 5.86w x 0.49d
ISBN: 9780815777953

About the Author

F. M. Scherer is Aetna Professor of Public Policy and Corporate Management in the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and former chief economist of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. His numerous publications include Competition Policies for an Integrated World Economy (Brookings, 1994)

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