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Artech House Publishers

Ofdm for Wireless Multimedia Communications

Ofdm for Wireless Multimedia Communications

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A study of OFDM, including a comparison with other forms of single carrier modulation methods. It provides the design guidelines needed to maximise benefits from this technology. There is practical advice on how to plan, design and use OFDM to make wireless multimedia communications happen. It offers a solid base for assessing the performance of wireless OFDM systems; explains how OFDM signals are formed using the Inverse Fast Fourier Transform, how the cyclic extension mitigates the effects of modulation, and how windowing can limit out-of-band radiation; discusses the sensitivity of OFDM to synchronization errors; examines the basics of direct sequence and frequency hopping CMDA, helpful in understanding combinations of OFDM and CDMA; explains Multicarrier CDMA, various transmitter architectures, and the pros and cons compared to other CDMA techniques; and includes a discussion of the combination of OFDM and frequency hopping CDMA to get a multiple access system with similar advantages to direct sequence CDMA.

Author: Richard Van Nee
Publisher: Artech House Publishers
Published: 12/31/1999
Pages: 284
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.25lbs
Size: 9.29h x 6.31w x 0.89d
ISBN: 9780890065303

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