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Life Is by Design

Oh! The Journey: A Spiritual Path to Thriving with Traumatic Brain Injury

Oh! The Journey: A Spiritual Path to Thriving with Traumatic Brain Injury

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Traumatic Brain Injury is rampant, and most of the world doesn't know it The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's most recent report on brain injuries sustained each year in the United States peaked at an alarming number: 1.7 million. "Oh The Journey" was written to share the path of one woman and her family and loved ones as they looked for strategies to improve brain function and quality of life. Her memoir reveals many after effects of traumatic brain injury others may not have yet discovered in the quest to cope with the special challenges of TBI.

Bobbie Yeates was a woman in the highpoint of her life when she suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a motorcycle accident in 2003. "Oh The Journey" is the narrative of the struggle to regain her life. It chronicles her ordeal with what appeared on the "outside" as a remarkable recovery, and along the path... her courage to embrace an "invisible disability" and find a way to fit into the world with a "rewired" brain. Yeates' timely book offers profound insights into what survivors and their families face, in a story insightful, inspiring, and filled with hope.

TBI sometimes takes people to a dark side of brain damage; in a complicated aftermath of a tragic injury that can last a lifetime, those who suffer try to make sense of the new world in which they come to exist. The brain is mysterious and although as humans, we tend to want to take control of a situation... the brain has to figure out how to heal itself and reorganize its physiology to make that happen. Brain science is rather a "last frontier" in the medical field and Yeates will be the first to tell you there are moments of awe experienced in the miracles of how the brain works, and equal moments of astonishment at its fragility and sense of self, life and order found within.

You are not alone with a traumatic brain injury You have loved ones, family, friends, and peers who also feel its effects-both devastating and difficult to understand. A family's entire world can shift on its axis and without a strong bearing, it is difficult... to navigate through the muddle of doctors, medical terms, and the healthcare system. It is daunting... when all anyone really wants is to understand; to remove the mystery from a frightening and life-changing condition.

Unfortunately, in excess of six million Americans live with a traumatic brain injury that leaves them with a complicated disability; very few talk about what has become the "silent epidemic." Add to the lack of communication the myths that surrounds it-and the vastly different way it affects memory, behavior, and social interaction-there is little wonder that with a disability where one is not alone, you must discover a personal sense of self as you journey through, with a rewired brain that lasts the balance of your life.

Yes, there are treatments, rehabilitation, and practical information that help you find your way, but only with the mindfulness of the brain's ability to modify its own structure, and function of its own accord. The author was one of the fortunate, to be awakened to the reality of the greatest myth of all:

"...the brain you were born with is the brain you will die with, and the brain cells you had at birth are the most you will ever possess."

The brain was once thought to be "hardwired" to function in predetermined ways and Yeates knows now that is just not true On her journey, she used this awareness to rewire parts of her brain to feel more positive about her life. She is better able to remain calm during stress-filled events, and improve relationships that were shaken by the injury. Her journey has been one of learning to improve her memory and boost her moods. "Oh The Journey" is her way to inspire you and give you the hope you can work with your brain, to change your life, and be free of self-limiting beliefs and actions.

Author: Patrick Sipperly, Bobbie Yeates
Publisher: Life Is by Design
Published: 12/19/2016
Pages: 162
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.50lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.35d
ISBN: 9780692703847

About the Author
Bobbie Yeates is an author, motivational speaker, and advocate of traumatic brain injury. Looking life full in the face following a severe accident in 2003, she shares her journey of hope and inspiration with others who experience a similar life-altering condition. Retired from a lengthy career in the beauty industry, Bobbie resides with her husband in Riverton, Wyoming, and enjoys time with family, friends and children, and grandchildren. Retired from a lengthy career in the beauty industry, Bobbie resides with her husband in Riverton, Wyoming, and enjoys time with family, friends, children, and grandchildren. She enjoys reading, sports, and traveling with her husband, Garth.

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