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Oracle GoldenGate 12c: A Hands-on Guide to Data Replication & Integration with Oracle & SQL Server

Oracle GoldenGate 12c: A Hands-on Guide to Data Replication & Integration with Oracle & SQL Server

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This book covers Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Database 12c, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. It includes related Oracle Database features for readers trying to prototype or implement Oracle GoldenGate. What you will learn from the book? Oracle GoldenGate fundamentals, modular architecture, flexible and scalable configuration and installation options. This is the foundation for all new Oracle GoldenGate users. Oracle GoldenGate initial data-load techniques for a heterogeneous environment, including initial- load using the Recovery Manager (RMAN) suitable for a VLDB environment. Learn how to configure Oracle GoldenGate instance for query offloading. Reports are diverted to an Oracle Database instance for an operational Data Warehouse, running 10x faster. Find out how to configure Oracle GoldenGate for high-availability using bi-directional topology. Learn how to implement internal and user-defined Conflict Detection and Resolution (CDR) necessary to operate active-active Oracle GoldenGate environments. Deployment of Oracle GoldenGate Veridata. Installation and configuration of the Repository. Installation and configuration of the agent on source and target systems. Configuration of Oracle GoldenGate to determine Out-Of-Sync tables. Use of Oracle GoldenGate for performing Near Zero-Downtime Upgrade Migration. Learn the use of the Recovery Manager (RMAN) cloning to prepare the database for upgrade. Learn how to configure Oracle GoldenGate on a heterogeneous environment composed of Oracle Database 12c Non-CDB, MySQL and Oracle Database 12c CDB. Learn how to use Oracle GoldenGate performing data transformation for the operational data store. Learn how to install, configure, and use Oracle GoldenGate Management Pack. Learn in-depth about Oracle GoldenGate Director and Oracle GoldenGate Monitor. Integration of Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle Data Guard. Migration from Oracle Streams to Oracle GoldenGate. Configuration of Oracle GoldenGate for best performance using Integrated Capture and intermediate systems. Learn how to Configure Data Definition Language (DDL) replication.

Author: Fawzi Alswaimil
Publisher: Rampant Techpress
Published: 06/02/2017
Pages: 830
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 3.08lbs
Size: 9.25h x 7.52w x 1.65d
ISBN: 9780986119439

About the Author
Fawzi A. Alswaimil purchased and started using Oracle (Version 6) for a DOS-based operating system in 1988 during his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona. During his studies, he adapted Liner Programming techniques using Oracle PRO*C to develop a "Rivers Flood Simulator" for his senior project. He graduated in May, 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mathematics. His first job was as an Oracle DBA (1989-1994) with Oracle 7.3, he earned the Oracle Master in 1993. He worked with Oracle CASE tool (Oracle Designer) extensively and published an Oracle Designer White Paper titled "Database Reverse Engineering Using Oracle Designer." Since the release of Oracle 8, he has been working extensively with Oracle Database options and features for high-availability and scalability, including Advanced Replication, Streams, the Recovery Manager (RMAN), Real Applications Cluster (RAC), and Data Guard (DG). Soon after the acquisition of GoldenGate Inc. by Oracle Corporation in 2009, he dedicated his focus on Oracle GoldenGate. He developed an "Oracle GoldenGate Implementer's Workshop", Oracle GoldenGate software at major Oracle customer sites, utilities for Oracle GoldenGate, and delivered the official Oracle University GoldenGate curriculums to end users. From 1995-2015, he has been teaching the vast majority of Oracle Technologies courses at Oracle University. On the other side of his professional career as an Oracle Database administrator, he is an advanced Oracle for .NET and Oracle Web PL/SQL toolkit developer. He developed a lightweight PL/SQL API using a PL/SQL Web toolkit used by several portal applications, products, and utilities. Developed various Oracle for .NET applications: Xplain (An Oracle Database Reverse Engineering and performance management tool), Internet Protocol Surveillance System (IPSS), Oracle GoldenGate Configuration Assistant (GGCA), Oracle GoldenGate Companion, and Oracle GoldenGate load-balancer.

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