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Paul Wagner

Pocket Love: How Love Fits Into Life

Pocket Love: How Love Fits Into Life

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Pocket Love: How Love Fits Into Life is a quick-reference guide derived from and inspired by our ongoing dialogue about life, personhood and the nature of the universe. Soft cover, 152 pgs, 4"x6"​. Also found on Kindle and iTunes (iBooks).

We carefully chose the book's categories with the hope of conveying the broad spectrum of our diverse experiences, which have influenced our concepts around Love.

We hope that our open hearts and this sincere dialogue are of benefit to all who read these pages.

Paul Wagner ( & Tom LaRotonda (
January 15, 2017, Boulder, CO

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Author: Paul Wagner, Tom Larotonda
Publisher: Paul Wagner
Published: 05/01/2017
Pages: 154
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.23lbs
Size: 6.00h x 4.00w x 0.36d
ISBN: 9780996102278

About the Author
Wagner, Paul: - Paul Wagner, 5-Time EMMY(R) Award Winner, is the author of The Field Guide to Human Personalities, The Personality Cards, Pocket People, The ColorfulMe Workbook and The Me App (visit Paul has has written, produced, taught and performed for millions of people on TV, and for over 500 corporate clients in 10 countries. Paul's workshops, books, apps and personality readings comprise a thoughtful, colorful look at our personalities and the attributes at play within each of us. Paul spent 26 years following enlightened masters and has finally started to catch on. His intuitive personality readings are both fun and transformational. You can visit to learn more. Paul is the CEO of CreativeLab.TV, a web and mobile tech-entertainment company based in Boulder CO. Clients include Aetna Insurance, Reebok, IBM, Google, AT&T and many startups. He has raised over $4M for ventures, including a deal that launched the global phenomenon Will Ferrell's on iTunes. Paul's partners and mentors include Fred Silverman (the only exec to run all 3 major networks) and Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, along with a myriad of luminaries around the world.Larotonda, Tom: - "Tom LaRotonda has dedicated his life to the investigation of what it means to truly live as a love-centered being in this human experience. While the world encourages us to fortify one's personal identity, Tom's inner-guru lovingly points him in the opposite direction - to be guided only by one's Divine Nature, the True Self Being. His ongoing exploration generates experiences that bring about a deep trust and alignment with that Divine Nature. Tom helps others touch and integrate similar experiences that are unique to their True Way of Being. Tom is an unassuming, caring, and patient guide for anyone committed to breaking the attachment to their personal self-identity. He consistently and lovingly reminds you, via attentive and insightful guided inquiry, of the power of your True Self to be an eternal, limitless, and unconditional expression of Love in the world."

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