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Brock Way

Productivity & Accelerated Learning: Master The Secrets Of The Successful Through Unlimited Memory Improvement, Time Management, Goal Setting & NLP Se

Productivity & Accelerated Learning: Master The Secrets Of The Successful Through Unlimited Memory Improvement, Time Management, Goal Setting & NLP Se

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Productivity & Accelerated Learning: 2 In 1 Bundle

The power of productivity and being self-disciplined is what will determine your success, no matter what your goals are. So it's important to master these attributes and clear your vision and purpose towards what you want to achieve.

Increasing your productivity through accelerated learning and memory improvement is a possibility with the right tools. Procrastination and forgetting things is something that everybody struggles with, but throughout this book, you will learn different ways to beat that problem and improve your life.

This book is about making you reach success faster while achieving the goals you thought we're impossible.

You Are About To Learn...

  • Why Habits make or break Success
  • 5 mistakes people make when trying to be productive
  • 7 questions you need to ask yourself before being successful and productive
  • 3 types of goals you need to know to make your vision as clear as possible
  • 7 Insane benefits you will get by using NLP
  • How NLP works and why it WILL change your life
  • 8 ways to increase your energy each day
  • 9 secrets towards a more organized and focused life
  • 5 questions bringing you closer to find your purpose
  • 10 foods that boost your energy for the day
  • 5 ways to get to sleep faster and more efficient
  • 5 reasons why exercise could be the deal breaker between you reaching success or not
  • How to be more disciplined and finish everything and anything
  • The number 1 task to do to be more self disciplined at everything
  • 18 ways to create long-term habits
  • 5 Mistakes people makes when trying to be self disciplined
  • 5 Productivity hacks that will turn a 3 hour task into a 1 hour one.
  • 8 step Morning routine formula that will make you unstoppable everyday
  • The truth about Productivity and Self-esteem that No one has told you
  • 10 ways to create confidence and self-esteem within yourself
  • 4 hacks towards creating an insane level of focus towards ANYTHING
  • 3 secret ways to create UNLIMITED Memory
  • How to use your 5 Senses to accelerate your Memory
  • How to use Photographic Memory towards Remembering Words, Numbers, Places and Names
  • The 5 Step Formula towards Mastering Mind Mapping
  • 14 ways to increase your Reading Speed In ONE Day
  • 3 Ways to Maintain your Advanced Memory
  • 2 relaxing and easy activities to Maintain A Great Memory
  • 5 Secrets towards Turning Procrastination Into Productivity
  • The 5 Secret Foods that Increase your Memory
  • Why these 2 foods reduce your Risk of Alzheimer's disease
  • 3 Memory Killing Habits that are destroying your Brain

PLUS: A BONUS 30-day Challenge to achieve everything and anything you want.

Develop yourself into the best version possible, to create confidence, success and happiness in your life today

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Author: Adam Hunter
Publisher: Brock Way
Published: 05/03/2019
Pages: 182
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.55lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.39d
ISBN: 9780648557661

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