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Putting My Way: A Lifetime's Worth of Tips from Golf's All-Time Greatest

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The last word on putting from one of the greatest golfers-and putters-ever

Jack Nicklaus is considered the greatest player of all time by countless golf fans around the world. His astounding tournament achievements (including a record eighteen professional major championship victories, among them six Masters), along with the powerful legacy he has built as a golf-course designer and golf book author, give him both an unrivaled grasp and multifaceted understanding of the game.

Nicklaus's classic Golf My Way-the sport's all-time worldwide instructional bestseller-has helped millions of players improve their all-around game. In Putting My Way, Nicklaus presents his clear and cohesive approach every element of the craft of superb putting, from finding the right putter to the mechanics of stroking the ball, to the strategies involved in the most neglected part of golf by amateurs, despite it representing at least 45 per cent of their play.

Whether you're new to golf or have been playing for years, Putting My Way will help you take charge of your putting technique, practice, and execution and see results that lift your game.

  • Explains every mental and physical element of putting, from equipment through greens-reading and stroking techniques to productive practice and foolproof strategizing
  • Reveals Nicklaus's own lifelong putting ""musts,"" along with highly successful practice systems
    Includes 29 b/w illustrations and eight color paintings to help you understand Jack's concepts and better apply them personally

Packed with inside pointers and ""how-to's"" from one of the greatest putters ever to play the game, this book is the one you'll turn to again and again for the advice you need on how to become a permanently lower-scoring golfer through vastly improved greens work.

Author: Jack Nicklaus
Publisher: Wiley
Published: 10/01/2009
Pages: 176
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.25lbs
Size: 9.34h x 7.70w x 0.78d
ISBN: 9780470487792

About the Author

Jack Nicklaus is considered the greatest golfer of all time. His five decades of tournament achievements are astounding, including a record eighteen professional major championship victories, nineteen second-place finishes in those events, two U.S. Amateur Championship wins, and more than 100 victories worldwide. Nicklaus has also created one of the most distinguished legacies in the history of golf as a star golf-course designer and a prolific and bestselling golf book author. Nicklaus's classic Golf My Way has been the sport's all-time worldwide instructional bestseller for almost three decades, and has helped millions of players improve their all-around game. Putting My Way is the twelfth book on which internationally renowned golf writer and editor KEN BOWDEN has collaborated with Jack Nicklaus over a forty-year association that has also produced many hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, plus a variety of television and video programs.