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Metro Jewish Resources

Reaching the Jewish People: Reasons We Have Not

Reaching the Jewish People: Reasons We Have Not

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Reaching the Jewish people has been a source of theological debate for decades and more, a large consensus today realizes that God's arm of salvation has long been extended to the Jewish people. Still, there is much work before us.

Consequently, I see walled up in some cases, and barring access to the primary mode of Jewish evangelism; from individual to individual. Here we shall see how important the individual believer is in Jewish outreach and the necessity for equipping and training. This remains our greatest challenge.

On a leadership level, the state of exception that I have found in Jewish Evangelism, in will and energy, is certainly attributed to a broad spectrum of causes.

But paradoxically, there is a sense of strangeness given the familiarity of our Lord's mission to the Jew first. And the reluctance to "call it out" may be caused in part to the alienation of the Jew in Jewish outreach.

Is it possible given our times that we can establish something coherent here. Could we go beyond, rather than within the reality that has always been.

Author: Felix Halpern, Jodi Smith
Publisher: Metro Jewish Resources
Published: 12/18/2017
Pages: 108
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.19lbs
Size: 7.00h x 4.37w x 0.22d
ISBN: 9780692044643

About the Author
Halpern, Felix: - Felix Halpern has served as a Messianic Rabbi and Nationally Appointed Missionary to the Jewish people in the Assemblies of God for over two decades. He has pioneered a Messianic Congregation in the North Jersey Area in the US, planted Metro Jewish Resources, ( a resource ministry in the Assemblies of God, ) and traveled internationally to teach on Jew and gentile unity. Son of a Holocaust survivor on his paternal line, and Nazi resistance in Holland on his maternal line, his commitment and service to the christian community is continues with dedication and calling.

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