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Douglas Doe

Rebuilding the Broken Altars - True Worship That Glorifies God

Rebuilding the Broken Altars - True Worship That Glorifies God

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For the average church goer or person, worship generally refers to the activities that takes places within the confines of a church building, usually on a Sunday morning. For the average pentecostal or charismatic christian, it particularly refers to the segment within a church service where songs are sang with some musical accompaniment.While the above "descriptions" may relate to worship in a sense, the question to be asked is - What really constitute true worship from the perspective of the bible?The aim of this book is to get to the heart of the matter by establishing that, true worship is not so much the various "activities" we may be carrying out in God's name, but it is essentially a lifestyle underlined by a certain heart condition that God approves of - a passionate desire to obey God in our daily lives. As Jesus said, God is searching for true worshipers who will worship God in spirit (from the heart) and in truth (by obedience).My hope is that, as we apply these thoughts and principles found in this book to our lives, we'll be chosen to be part of the remnant that God will use in these last days before the coming of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

Author: Doe Douglas
Publisher: Douglas Doe
Published: 01/31/2012
Pages: 84
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.20lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.17d
ISBN: 9780957117402

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