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Clayton Wood

Ridiculously Inappropriate Magic (Magic of Magic #2)

Ridiculously Inappropriate Magic (Magic of Magic #2)

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A fantasy comedy adventure! -- After saving magic itself, Chauncy is ready to settle down with his crazy girlfriend. But when The Dark One rises to destroy the world, Chauncy is forced to use his wizardly powers to save the world again!

Having saved magic from destruction by the Evermore Trading Company, Chauncy settles- down in his hometown of Southwick, ready to build a life with his girlfriend Valtora. That is until destiny comes a-knockin' on his front door again. For it appears that The Dark One is rising to destroy the world - for real this time - and if Chauncy doesn't do something about it, everything and everyone he cares about, is going to die!

Now Chauncy is forced on an adventure he really doesn't want to go on. To try and defeat an evil that's very likely going to kill him. For, in not wanting to fulfill this particular destiny, Chauncy has lost the ability to feel magic. And if he doesn't figure out some way to regain his powers, he's doomed to fail...and the world will be doomed to eternal darkness!

Experience this (inappropriate) fantasy comedy from the author of the Runic series, the Fate of Legends series, and the Magic of Havenwood series!


This book contains (ridiculously) inappropriate depictions of (ridiculously) inappropriate people doing (ridiculously) inappropriate things. Including, but certainly not limited to, inappropriate language and veiled connotations of the naughty variety. And of course, (ridiculously) inappropriate magic.

About The Author:
Clayton Wood is the author of the Runic series, the Fate of Legends series, the Magic of Havenwood series, and most recently, the Magic of Magic series. He's been a computer programmer, graphics designer, and martial arts instructor, and now works as an ER doctor. He has a wife and three wonderful children. Writing was always Clayton's passion, but it wasn't until the birth of his first son that he found the inspiration necessary to finish his first book. Five years later, he published Runic Awakening, the first entry in the Runic Series.

ISBN: 194849714X    EAN: 9781948497145
Publisher: Clayton Wood  
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: October 05, 2020
Physical Info: 0.81" H x 9.02" L x 5.98" W (1.33 lbs) 306 pages
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