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Fastman Publishing

Rockin' Roulette: with the ultimate strategy

Rockin' Roulette: with the ultimate strategy

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Rockin' Roulette is a book for anyone who enjoys the game, from the beginners to the players who've tried every strategy known to man. It will become known as one of the most honest and useful books ever written on the subject. The book is written as if I know you, and in a way, I do. You'll find sound advice as if coming from a friend, because I've been through it all. I've been playing roulette for over 15 years. I also have experience with tournament play, where I once finished ahead of over 200 other players. But, the book is about you, and how you spend your entertainment dollars. As your guide, I will show you how to avoid making costly mistakes when you play. The beauty of Rockin' Roulette is how cheaply a player can buy into a game. Honestly, it's not any more expensive than a trip to a theme park or a professional sports venue. Rockin' Roulette can be classified as an entertaining self-help book. There are no long, agonizing lectures about odds and percentages. You don't need that, and all of the mathematics in the world can't help you win a random number game. But I will show you how to attack random numbers again, and again, and again, until you are victorious. You'll be shown the ideal conditions for winning. If you can use all of the advice, and position yourself for success, that's great. If you visit a casino where the conditions are less than ideal, you'll have enough knowledge to know what to do. You may have read many books on roulette, as I have, and I found them to be tremendously entertaining. But you'll find that my philosophy is very different. If you play regularly, you owe it to yourself to look at the game from all angles. Then go into each game knowing that you're giving it your best shot. The book is designed to be read in one or two sittings. There are about 10000 words on 70 pages. Every chapter tells a short story and there are some easily understood charts depicting strategies from the past. The message of the book starts with beginners in mind and then intensifies and becomes very specific. To aid the reader, the final chapter is a simulation of an actual session. Chapter six is the story of a very special person that I'd like you to meet. You could say that she's the "proof of concept" for the book. I'd like you to prove it to yourself. Rockin' Roulette gives you the very best chance for success. Try it once, and you'll never play another way

Author: David Robert Hurst
Publisher: Fastman Publishing
Published: 12/18/2015
Pages: 72
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.21lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.51w x 0.15d
ISBN: 9780692595213

About the Author
A Midwesterner transplanted to the West Coast, after a lifetime of working with my hands building boats and restoring cars, I now spend my time inventing and writing. I'm a cancer survivor for almost 10 years thanks to a bone marrow transplant in 2006. My wife and I are retired, and are the main babysitters for our lovely granddaughter Isabella. We play casino games in Las Vegas, and at the tribal casinos in California.

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