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Science and Technology in Nineteenth-Century America

Science and Technology in Nineteenth-Century America

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The 19th Century was a period of tremendous change in the daily lives of the average Americans. Never before had such change occurred so rapidly or and had affected such a broad range of people. And these changes were primarily a result of tremendous advances in science and technology. Many of the technologies that play such an central role in our daily life today were first invented during this great period of innovation--everything from the railroad to the telephone. These inventions were instrumental in the social and cultural developments of the time. The Civil War, Westward Expansion, the expansion and fall of slave culture, the rise of the working and middle classes and changes in gender roles--none of these would have occurred as they did had it not been for the science and technology of the time.

Science and Technology in Nineteenth-Century America chronicles this relationship between science and technology and the revolutions in the lives of everyday Americans. The volume includes a discussion of: Transportation--from the railroad and steamship to the first automobiles appearing near the end of the century. Communication--including the telegraph, the telephone, and the photograph Industrialization-- how the growing factory system impacted the lives of working men and women Agriculture--how mechanical devices such as the McCormick reaper and applications of science forever altered how farming was done in the United States Exploration and navigations--the science and technology of the age was crucial to the expansion of the country that took place in the century, and The book includes a timeline and a bibliography for those interested in pursuing further research, and over two dozen fascinating photos that illustrate the daily lives of Americans in the 19th Century Part of the Daily Life through History series, this title joins Science and Technology in Colonial America in a new branch of the series-titles specifically looking at how science innovations impacted daily life.

Author: Todd Timmons
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Published: 10/01/2005
Pages: 224
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.09lbs
Size: 9.56h x 6.26w x 0.85d
ISBN: 9780313331619

Review Citation(s):
American Reference Bks Annual 01/01/2006 pg. 599

About the Author

Todd Timmons teaches mathematics, history of mathematics, and history of science at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. His professional interests include the history of American science and American mathematics.

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