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Creative Hummingbird Results

Second Destiny LARGE PRINT Edition: The Older Generation Broke Them Apart...The Younger Generation Reunites Them

Second Destiny LARGE PRINT Edition: The Older Generation Broke Them Apart...The Younger Generation Reunites Them

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What if you and your first love get your happy-ever-after, but it doesn't work out? SECOND DESTINY follows a beautiful, frustrated wife and artist who is reunited with the gorgeous hero with Bollywood-good-looks and charisma. When fate brings them face to face again, can they put their past behind, or will their intense passion reignite and endanger everything in its path? THE OLDER GENERATION BROKE THEM APART... Lia Abraham gave up everything for her family and culture-art, autonomy and even self-worth. Worst of all was the sacrifice of Bollywood-gorgeous, idealistic Devraj Shah, when Lia caved in to pressure from both their families. She broke her first love's heart by marrying the "right" Jewish man. THE YOUNGER GENERATION REUNITES THEM... Nineteen years later, minutes after Lia demands a divorce from her cheating husband, her world turns upside down again; Devraj is at her door. His nephew and Lia's feisty teenage daughter are repeating history. They're in love, but the now reserved, enigmatic Devraj is dead-set against the couple's marriage plans. He is convinced Lia's daughter will ultimately reject his nephew the way Lia had rejected Devraj. After years of feeling caged in a loveless marriage, Lia embraces her newly found freedom, and her resurgent passion for Devraj is irresistible. Once again, she surrenders to the true love of her life, but their affair re-ignites opposition from both families. Will Lia's second chance at love again destroy her loved ones and her dreams? Torn once again between her love for Devraj, her family responsibilities and her need for true independence, will Lia choose duty over the desires of her heart? **** A portion of all Gloria Silk book sales goes to Canadian Cancer Society. ****

Author: Gloria Silk
Publisher: Creative Hummingbird Results
Published: 07/11/2018
Pages: 460
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.34lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.93d
ISBN: 9780995197282
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