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Speak As Well As You Think: An Executive's Guide to Excellence in Public Speaking

Speak As Well As You Think: An Executive's Guide to Excellence in Public Speaking

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It is not uncommon for seasoned business executives to feel confident in their fields of expertise, yet find themselves struggling when it comes to expressing their ideas clearly and effectively to sales teams, clients, and employees. And yet the ability to present well in front of a group is an essential skill for success at leadership levels in the business world. John M. Vautier, the author of Speak As Well As You Think, has coached more than a 1000 CEOs and senior leaders, and more than 3,000 executives, sales professionals and next generation leaders. He has enabled them to leap the gap - from struggling speaker and presenter to charismatic communicator. The Vautier system offers a set of proven techniques to instill skills executives can master and utilize to take their communication skills to the next level - to learn how to "speak as well as they think." Developed by communications and marketing experts, from exhaustive studies conducted in real-world situations, and embraced by Fortune 100 senior leaders, the executive communication skills coaching the Vautiers offer has been tried and proven effective again and again. Whether you seek to excel at the podium or in seated presentations in meeting rooms, this book can help. You will learn how to move, gesture, and connect with audience members. You will know what you need to do to be a standout communicator. The results? Learn to present well at the podium and you earn respect and grow your opportunities. Your audiences will be actively engaged, motivated, and inspired. You and your message will be elevated to new levels of status. What happens next? The sky's the limit The contents of Speak As Well As You Think include: - An overview of what happens when you speak as well as you think - The 7 elements of executive presence (what they see, what they hear) - Why comfort is optional - How two days of coaching helped an NFL star shine on letterman - The do's and don'ts of executive presence - How to communicate with charisma, presence and power - Making the most of your speech and presentation options-informal to formal - The recipe for sharing a viewpoint - How to calmly weather the unexpected media interview or hostile Q&A - Communicating to the C-Suite - why shorter is better - Some thoughts on executive communications and authentic leadership

Author: John J. Vautier, John M. Vautier
Publisher: Nostina
Published: 01/21/2013
Pages: 180
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.55lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.38d
ISBN: 9780981510590

About the Author
JOHN M. VAUTIER has, throughout his career, coached more than 1000 CEOs and senior leaders, and more than 3,000 executives, sales professionals and next generation leaders, developing and enhancing their leadership communication skills. He founded Vautier Communications in 2004 following a highly successful career as Vice President of Sales with Communispond, the company which established the executive communications industry, and where John sold, coached, and managed the sales force, and played an integral role in the company's success. John lives with his wife in Arlington Heights, Illinois. JOHN J. VAUTIER graduated as a Sales Scholar from Illinois State University, and was recruited as a Sales Development Rep-resentative into Whirlpool's highly selective 'Real Whirled' Sales Talent Management Program. From there he was assigned a territory in Fort Worth, Texas, and managed key relationships on the National Account Team. After almost two years with Whirlpool, John returned to Chicago and joined Vautier Communications as an Account Executive and Coach. He's developed a number of key accounts and consistently earns high marks as an outstanding coach.

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