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Disciples of God Publishing

Spiritual Warfare For A Soul: Bible Study Guide

Spiritual Warfare For A Soul: Bible Study Guide

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For our struggle is not against flesh and blood..... Spiritual warfare is an everyday occurrence where you face a multitude of human problems and temptations. It goes beyond what you see in the movies regarding exorcisms, unexplained phenomenon and demon possession and comes down to the choices you make daily for good and evil. These choices grant the enemy strongholds over your life if you give into these temptations time and time again. If you begin to give the devil footholds in your life by giving into even the smallest of temptations such as gossiping or to larger ones such as addiction to drugs, alcohol or pornography it will lead to major problems for you in the future for each one can be equally devastating. You need to understand just how much Satan hates you and why his goal is to entice as many people as he possibly can to eternal destruction. This study guide will help you: 1. Open your spiritual eyes to Satan and his evil schemes against you. 2. How Satan uses your fleshly desires against you. 3. Test the spirits to see if they are from God or from Satan. 4. Find out what the Bible says about heaven, hell, angels and demons. 5. See the real power Satan has over the world. 6. Why you should avoid even the smallest of temptations that come your way daily. 7. Find out what and how to be a believer and what impact that has over evil. 8. How God has equipped you against the attacks of Satan. 9. Why you should dwell on Godly things rather than worldly things. 10. Create real and practical plans that help you deal with those everyday temptations and warn you of the consequences in this life and the next. Use as a companion to the book Spiritual Warfare For A Soul: The True Story of LuAnn's Lifelong Struggle Between Good and Evil where you can truly see how these areas impacted a life from the beginning to the end.

Author: Candice Vietzke
Publisher: Disciples of God Publishing
Published: 10/15/2013
Pages: 108
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.34lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.22d
ISBN: 9780989333733

About the Author
Michael and Dr. Candice Vietzke live in beautiful Bend, OR. Michael's vision of using LuAnn's story to help others and a call from God one day turned their hearts toward the ministry. The book was just one step in getting the word out there. It is just one tool I know God will use to bring others to Christ through this powerful story. The story behind the story. Michael stayed with an alcohol addicted LuAnn for over 20 years of ups and downs. Several times he wanted to leave the marriage, but something always told him to stay. Several years after her death he met Candice, his current wife and told her his story and how he always felt that it could help others. He knew that if just one person could be changed by her death then all the years of pain, heartache and struggle would have been worth it. One day while telling his story to others she saw the profound effect it had on them. God told her it was time to write LuAnn's story and impact as many people as possble for his kingdom. Dr. Candice Vietzke is an ordained minister and holds a BA in Biblical Studies and a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Divinity degree. She works at their local church and the family is involved in their Outreach program which helps the community in a variety of ways.

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