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Mark Januszewski

Standing Tall: Acquiring The 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly

Standing Tall: Acquiring The 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly

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Everybody knows there are hundreds of self-help books that promise life-changing information, happiness and affluence. It is an $11 billion industry. These books give us hope, especially those that are artfully peppered with rags-to-riches stories. This is not one of those books. Let's face it, the hope fades a few weeks after we finish the book and very little, if anything, really changes.

So what kind of book is this? It will challenge you but with challenge comes change. As Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, 3 million books sold], declared, ""How to build character? Mark J shows us how in this story of personal development. Warning. Working through this book takes effort, but the result will last a lifetime. A great book."

The Discovery

A chance meeting in 1994 led Mark to a discovery. The discovery? That an easy to make and easy to keep promise daily would lead to a skill making change effortless.

Little did Mark know that chance meeting and keeping a promise daily would also lead to the 13 Riches of Life, move him from bankrupt to beach front and doing what he loves daily. The promise is really is easy to keep and it's easy not to keep. That's the challenge.

At the core of the discovery was a very simple idea. We must grow in character before we can acquire authentic wealth that last and perpetuates. At that meeting Mark was handed a hand-written version the Ancient Verities and The Map to the 13 Riches of Life. He was told the Map to Riches was of no value if he did not master the Verities, grow his character and stand tall in the seven basic truths that yield wealth effortless.

The Work

Mark had read lots of "those self-help books" and found, while some offered a good thoughts or ideas, there was no daily plan. Everybody knows a vision without a plan is a fairytale. What really sets this book apart in addition to the Seven Basic Truths the truly wealthy know is a specific, daily plan in the form of a 98-page workbook. The workbook, available in all additions, guides you with a very short checklist so anyone can master the Verities and then effortlessly navigate The Map, also included, to the 13 Riches in Life.

Let's Make It Easy For Everyone

A survey was conducted to discern what would be the best way to make the book and workbook available. Some people wanted the workbook included in the book so the charting of their progress and the material were together. Others felt it should be separate because they did not want to write in a book. And, a third group, those who enjoy ebooks, would have the daily plan it appears in all versions], but no way to do the writing required to acquire the 13 Riches.

Instead of trying to find the best choice, Mark decided to make it easy for everyone. If you write in books, grab the paperback version. If you don't like writing in books or really enjoy ebooks, just head over to and you can download the workbook instantly.

Author: Mark Januszewski
Publisher: Mark Januszewski
Published: 08/01/2018
Pages: 218
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.66lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.46d
ISBN: 9780578205250

About the Author
Januszewski, Mark: - Mark Januszewski lives on Kauai, Hawaii and graduated American International College in 1971 as a double major. He holds degrees in English and Education. Considered within the Direct Sale Industry, a the Trainer's Trainer, Mark was awraded Trainer of the Year from among 80,000 candidates. Mark has simultaneously educated and entertained audiences internationally since 1995. His power packed workshops have been described as both riveting and unique. As the old saying goes, the proof is in the printout and the printout on Mark is this clear. The last 54 workshops he's done have sold out months in advance. For better than two decades both the online course Mark shares once a year, The MasterKeyExperience(TM) and his workshops on personal development culminate with a principled philosophy based on the word Giraffe. And for just as long as Mark has been speaking to groups, attendees have asked for that Giraffe Philosophy to be detailed in writing. In July of 2016 Mark released Standing Tall to meet the growing demand. Thousands have shared and many insisted that this profoundly simple Giraffe Philosophy should be taught to children and in schools. Joey the Giraffe Stands Tall was written to meet that demand, release date August 2016. This entertaining story teaches children, [and adults], in a fun way, that growing in character is the way to confidence, self esteem and joy. Mark has been a six-figure plus earner in 6 different industries. In addition to selling out 54 consecutive workshops from Thailand to Germany and throughout the USA, Mark's MasterKeyExperience(TM) LIVE on Kauai sells out several months in advance. His Master Key Mastermind in-depth course has changed the landscape of online information courses. Each new member receives a full scholarship and daily, live, hands on help all funded solely by previous members who pay-it-forward. This unique model works because members get results in life, relationships and in business then express their gratitude, voluntarily. Mark's Go90Grow(c) course and Go90Grow(c) LIVE for those in direct sales also have had a six-to-twelve month waiting list since 2010. With over 20,000 blog posts from around the world about the MassterKeyExperience course, it's not hard to understand the up to one-year waiting list to obtain a scholarship. You can learn more about Mark and obtaining a scholarship by visiting http: // or

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