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Star Watch

Star Watch

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From best-selling author, Mark Wayne McGinnis, comes the highly anticipated Scrapyard Ship spin-off series, Star Watch.The Craing wars are now over ... the enemy defeated. As planetary systems around the galaxy try to bring normalcy back to their existence, one thing becomes crystal clear ... without the Craing around to keep everyone in line space has become a far more dangerous place. With tens of thousands warships idle, along with hundreds of thousands Allied crew personnel sitting on their hands, it's up to Admiral Perry Reynolds whether or not to send the combatants home, and mothball most of the ships. But as more and more requests for prompt Allied assistance come in from the farthest reaches of outer space (i.e., for minor incursions into sovereign territory; or others, more serious-including barbaric planetary invasions), Admiral Reynolds is compelled to introduce a new stellar over-watch program. With his own career winding down, one of his final directives will be in the formation of a special, intergalactic, marshaling service ... Star Watch. The admiral has the perfect ship lined up for the task-the most advanced warship in the known galaxy: the mile-long Caldurian vessel-the Minian. Next ... he needs to outfit the ship with a captain and crew he can trust to get this far-range venture initiated properly. Join the Star Watch crew on their first mission to the planet of Trom, where hostile Pharlom invaders have appropriated high altitude cloud-ports as prisoner of war camps. As a fierce battle in space ensues, fragmented warships fall into Trom's atmosphere and head right for a populated cloud-port. Across the galaxy, young Boomer, daughter of Captain Jason Reynolds, begins her training in the ancient fighting methods of the Kahill Callan, and prepares to battle against Lord Vikor Shakrim-leader of the dreaded Sahhrain warriors.


Star Watch Book 1 by Mark Wayne McGinnis / Great Military Science Fiction Space Opera
Captain Jason Reynolds is back, along with Molly, Ricket, and Boomer. I am an MWM fan. Other books I love are Ship Wrecked Stranded on an Alien World, Boy Gone, Cloudwalkers, Gun Ship, Guardian Ship, HOVER, the Hidden Ship, USS Hamilton, and the USS Jefferson. Mark knows how to spin a good scifi young adult action series. His books aren't just for young adults, though. He is just good at fun entertaining sci-fi with cool aliens.- ADD

Jason and crew are back, now as peacekeepers.
Jason and crew are back, now as peacekeepers. With the Craing war over, there are those that see the opportunity and plan to seize the moment. So Jason and crew are off, and with The Lilly gone, the Minian becomes Jason's flagship. The first stop, the Alchieves system, planet Trom. Under attack by a rock-like race, Jason and the crew fight to save those that remain on the planet and stop the rock-like Pharlom.

Meanwhile, Jason's father heads to the Dacci Commonwealth to try and stop the invasion from the Sahhrain. Jason finds out that he has gone there and has not been heard from since. Heading to the Dacci Commonwealth, Jason finds out that things are not as they seem and not only his ship but also his daughter are keep to the plans of the Sahhrain.- Chris Hammond

Great story continuation
This story is very entertaining and a great read. The way it ties into the previous series and then takes off in its own direction is a great reflection of a very good author. He gets your attention and doesn't let go. It's a wonderful page-turner because the storyline is not predictable as it can be in some action adventure space Syfi stories. Looking forward to reading Rickets.- BNSF244

Author: Mark Wayne McGinnis
Publisher: Avenstar Productions
Published: 07/20/2015
Pages: 376
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.86lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.25w x 0.78d
ISBN: 9780986109850

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