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Amethyst Corvid Press

Stolen Bonds

Stolen Bonds

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When infatuation turns to obsession... sometimes the only thing left is a game of survival.

In her second year at Blackthorn Academy, Blaire faces challenges not only academically but also in her Korrena bond with Lukas. Though she'd been warned possessive jealousy was part of Vasirian pair bonding, this insidious green-eyed monster catches Blaire unprepared. Harsh words fly as issues of trust and respect shake the foundation of their fragile newborn partnership.

When Blaire withdraws from the academy without a word to anyone, her friends pull together to reunite the two people everyone believes are destined to be together.

But more than one clue leads them to suspect a darker truth: Blaire never left.


Stolen Bonds is a full-length (nearly 139k words) new adult paranormal romance by author Stephanie Denne. Second in a series filled with mystery, magic, and love that stands against everything the supernatural world can throw at it. Not an abrupt cliffhanger, but ends as a "To Be Continued..." And of course, this dark fantasy romance series has a HEA, with spin-off series to come.

The dark and mysterious world of the Blackthorn Saga is a new take on vampire romance in an academy setting complete with a king and his court, fated mates, magic, and more! This series is for you if you enjoy a paranormal romance with a human female lead that overcomes her past to find where she truly belongs in a fantasy world filled with supernatural creatures.


Author's Note: 18+ This series contains content that may be unsuitable for certain readers. To learn more about content warnings in the author's work, please visit her website.

Author: Stephanie Denne
Publisher: Amethyst Corvid Press
Published: 05/09/2023
Pages: 572
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.92lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 1.44d
ISBN: 9781738727254

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