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Java Bud

Surrounded by Idiots: Drop the Distractions, Embrace Your Purpose, and Get Your Ass in Gear

Surrounded by Idiots: Drop the Distractions, Embrace Your Purpose, and Get Your Ass in Gear

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Surrounded by Idiots provides a step-by-step guide with entertaining video extras that was created for someone who truly knows their life could be so much more than it is right now-if only they knew how to tune out all the crap, dial into what's really important, figure out a plan of attack and make it happen

Over the last 20 years, philosopher, life strategy coach and personal trainer, Tony Dufresne, Ph.D., has fried millions of brain cells mashing together worldwide philosophical teachings with tools and techniques perfected by modern-day peak performers, along with sufficiently embarrassing but inspiring personal stories to create a simple 31/2-step guide that will:
- Expose the hidden secrets of how the world around you actually functions, and how you can better understand it and, ultimately make it your bitch with some powerful tools and techniques.
- Explain how to effectively take an honest look at your life and, in the process, uncover those sneaky ego patterns that block you from the life experience you know, deep in your soul, you have the ability to create.
- Get your ass in gear by hand-holding you through an action project that will act as a baby step towards a deeply fulfilling life of your own design.

Surrounded by Idiots is all about creating measurable results on your journey towards a deeper understanding of who you are, what's really important to you, and how you want to live every day of your life.

I guarantee that by the time you finish this book and complete your action step, your focus will shift from the annoying idiocy that surrounds you to your own empowered personal life possibilities. In a nutshell, you will still be surrounded by idiots, but it won't affect you anymore. Your focus will be square on yourself and on creating the epic life of your choosing.

Author: Tony DuFresne
Publisher: Java Bud
Published: 12/28/2017
Pages: 212
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.55lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.45d
ISBN: 9780692989289

About the Author
Tony Dufresne is a Philosopher, Transformation coach, certified personal trainer, life strategist, writer, speaker, single dad, winner of multiple all-you-can-drink Ovaltine contests, and a thousandaire entrepreneur who considers coffee to be its own food group. The fancily written documents on his wall include a PhD in applied philosophy, a master's in psychology, and a personal trainer certification with specialization in behavioral change through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). Tony is also a trained facilitator, a member of the Psi Chi (the International Honor Society in Psychology), and ardent collector of vintage Ukrainian pornography. After 20 years of study and research, Tony created the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast and Java Bud, an online coaching and resource site that has helped countless human beings (and one enthusiastic feral cat) to get really clear on what they want their life to be about with the tools to make it happen. A self-proclaimed nonconformist, Tony never wanted to fit into the mold of a traditional therapist or life coach, which is reflected in his non-sugarcoated, direct, snarky, and dry-witted approach to educating and motivating his clients to make their own unique mark on this world. OK, I'm being told my time is up, so you can read and hear more by going to Stay thirsty, my friends. Ten percent of the net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Singleton Moms, a non-profit organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that provides resources to single parents and children going through cancer treatment. I served on the Singleton Moms board of directors for four years and have seen the incredible impact this group, specifically the organization's founder Jody Farley, has had on hundreds of families that are battling this terrible disease. If you would like more information about Singleton Moms, visit If you don't have a regular nonprofit that you support, I highly encourage you to reach out. Hell, this whole book has been about helping you to help yourself to help others, so it would only make sense, right?

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