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Duxbury & Gloucester

Sustenance Through Starvation

Sustenance Through Starvation

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- Is it acceptable for a non-profit organization to direct the first million dollars it collects to the pockets of its CEO?

- Do well-connected corporations and universities respect justice and strive to make the world better for everyone?

- Should government serve the population or exploit it to benefit the powerful?

'Sustenance Through Starvation' is satire-but only if Franz Kafka wrote satire. It is fiction-but only if George Orwell wrote fiction. Judge for yourself.

Gwendolyn is a student at Stambridge University, and all she wants to do with her life is help people. As the daughter of the man in control of the world's most powerful charity, she is positioned perfectly for her wishes.

Travel with her through this wildly absurd story as Gwendolyn meets some of the richest and most selfless individuals in the world-and their polar opposites.

Lift the veil on the self-dealings of your trusted elites as the girl grapples with the challenge of growing up and finding her rightful place in this rarefied world.

Struggle with Gwendolyn as she endures heartbreaking tragedy and commits herself to decrypting the rituals of the Gordian knot of deception woven by the mongers of morality within charity, government, big business, and the modern university.

This deeply satirical take on the world of the privileged is a serious and thought-provoking book, packed with facts and surreal extrapolations that form a cautionary tale for our time. Future archaeologists of the communal psyche will study this novel for its illumination of disturbing realities occluded from our perception by our own good nature.

If you do not laugh as you read, check your intellect. If you do not cry, worry about your humanity. Ask yourself as you follow Gwendolyn's story: Yes, you care, but how different are you? And what will you do to change this world?

Author: Mabel Blair Steering
Publisher: Duxbury & Gloucester
Published: 09/01/2013
Pages: 576
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.93lbs
Size: 9.21h x 6.14w x 1.28d
ISBN: 9780988824256

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