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Schnapps Press, LLC

Tehilim with Targoom

Tehilim with Targoom

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Ahava Echad Project proudly presents the Tanach Series: Sefer Tehillim. Although many editions of Sefer Tehillim are not printed with Targum, the Ahava Echad Tanach Series: Sefer Tehillim features the most accurate Targum text, arranged interlineally under the Torah text. There are several features of Ahava Echad Tanach Series: Sefer Tehillim that have revolutionized Torah Study. It is the first Sefer Tehillim that utilizes a color coding system to the Aramaic Targum written by the holy sage Yonatan ben Uziel, student of Chagai, Zachariah and Malachi, the last 3 prophets of "Tanach". The Biblical text is written in the "Ktav Ashurith" font, the only font allowed to be used in the writing of a Kosher Torah Scroll. In addition, the Cantillation notes and Nekudot were checked using the most accurate manuscripts and sources. The color coding system helps to differentiate instances when the Targum provides a literal translation and when the Targum provides an explicit commentary to explain difficult passages of the scriptural text. Ahava Echad Tanach Series: Sefer Tehillim is designed to revolutionize Torah learning for "students" of all ages.

Ahava Echad works are colorful and highly visual, and are very effective and engaging Torah textbook for teaching children who would otherwise be distracted.

Author: Echad Ahava
Publisher: Schnapps Press, LLC
Published: 11/13/2017
Pages: 582
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 2.93lbs
Size: 11.00h x 8.50w x 1.18d
ISBN: 9780985940089
Language: Hebrew

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