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Katharine Trim

Thawing As She Goes

Thawing As She Goes

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Janey's gonna scream.

Her grandmother Kara and her generation got all they wanted out of life. Now they're too old and feeling guilty, so they created this world where sacrifice is the only sport.

One...Two...Three... The years are clicking by...What's the world going to be like in thirty years? What can any sane young person rightfully expect?

Thawing As She Goes is a novel that takes you on a journey to Canada of the future. It's told through the intertwined stories of five Ottawa women figuring out if they can find some happiness.

Like Ally Asher who's the influential head of the federal government's prized propaganda department. She's proud that we all sacrificed to make Canada a model of environmental virtue. Even so, lately she's wondering if we've all done enough.

Or a twenty-something Janey Fulco, who's pretty pissed off in a world with all the new environmental rules -everybody's got to chase too hard. Sure, there's no going back to the cruel panic - the floods and fires, whatever, of thirty years ago. But is there any room to dream?

Thawing As She Goes unveils the tension between generations that simmers beneath the surface as we all adapt to the future's mix of immersive technologies and big environmental changes. It's a thought-provoking reflection about where we're heading. Are we ready? What can we do now? What's essential so that we all can chase the age-old pursuits: love, hope for our kids, and a real connection with each other.

Author: Katharine Trim
Publisher: Katharine Trim
Published: 08/19/2022
Pages: 358
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.05lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.74d
ISBN: 9781778171604

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