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Denise Thunderhawk

The 5-Element Guide to Healing with Whole Foods

The 5-Element Guide to Healing with Whole Foods

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In my book, you will learn why diets don't work and how to eat based on your individual nutritional needs In these pages are the nutritional secrets of an ancient practice for eating in harmony known as Chinese food cures. Readers will explore individual constitutional typing with some fun and informative tests Find your dominant element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) and what that means nutritionally for YOU. Energetic properties (the directional flow) of various foods (meats, vegetables, fruits, herbs/spices) are discussed, as well as how to use those foods to obtain and/or maintain health and (internal) harmony. Don't miss out on the section Food Combining for Maximum Effect, to help you balance out your meals. AS AN ADDED BONUS, I've included Recipes for Health & Healing, as well as an abbreviated encyclopedic section, The Nature of Foods, where food properties are discussed in greater detail, AT NO EXTRA COST.

Author: L. Ac Denise Thunderhawk
Publisher: Denise Thunderhawk
Published: 05/22/2016
Pages: 126
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.66lbs
Size: 11.00h x 8.25w x 0.27d
ISBN: 9780578180113

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