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Greatest Stories Ever Told

The Apostles' Gospel

The Apostles' Gospel

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Could Paul's letters to Christians be the wrong way to preach the gospel to non-Christians? "Romans Road" may be an excellent way to teach the plan of salvation to Christians, but is it really the Gospel the apostles preached to non-Christians?

In The Apostles Gospel, Paul Pavao takes you through the apostles' sermons in the book of Acts--the only sermons in the Bible delivered by the apostles to the lost--and reveals the most important message on the planet, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Learn the simple message endorsed by the apostles for those who had not yet heard the Gospel.
  • Discover the heartbreaking statistics that result from preaching truths reserved for Christians as a Gospel for non-Christians.
  • Experience the power yourself when you proclaim what the apostles proclaimed.

The Apostles' Gospel is easy to follow and simple to understand. As one reviewer wrote, "One simply cannot argue with the theme." No tricks, no fancy interpretations, and no Greek exegesis needed. It really is as simple as letting the apostles say what the apostles said.

Author: Paul Pavao
Publisher: Greatest Stories Ever Told
Published: 04/18/2013
Pages: 42
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.15lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.09d
ISBN: 9780988811935

About the Author

Paul Pavao is a husband of a wonderful Christian wife and father of six children. He is proven historian and storyteller. He wrote In the Beginning Was the Logos, a detailed and enthralling retelling of the Council of Nicea and the profound changes it made in the Roman empire and western history. It provides over 70 pages of letters from participants in the Council.

Paul is also webmaster of Christian History for Everyman, which has been praised by pastors, apologists, and, above all, laymen who are surprised to find church history interesting and understandable. They are thrilled to discover they can put their hands on writings and letters from people who knew the apostles and were part of their churches.

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