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Independently Published

The Art of Pleasure: A Complete Guide to the Secret of Attaining Sexual Ecstasy

The Art of Pleasure: A Complete Guide to the Secret of Attaining Sexual Ecstasy

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Do you know what it feels like to have your spouse do you - not just bringing you to orgasm or have intercourse - but really do you?Do you know what it feels like to do your spouse?The fine art of doing and being done.I've got news for you - equity has no place when it comes to eroticism and sex matters. The ability to take your partner (or be taken by them) embodies a lusty, lascivious eagerness for pleasure. This isn't crudeness - quite the opposite - it's a deliberate intent to arouse (and satisfy) passionate sex on the moon.If you're one of the many who've yet to experience this level of passion and eroticism in your relationships, or if you've had a taste of it but it faded over time, the Art of Pleasure will help you to activate and reawakened this passion once moreSo how do you reach this level of eroticism and sexual passion?For many people, this part of themselves is yet to be born.When we climb into bed with our spouse, we each carry different expectations, hopes, plans, and passions to the experience about to unfold.Let's face it, on a basic biological level men and women are different. Arousal, pleasure, eroticism, power, even orgasms are different.Many men can be quite envious of a woman's orgasm. Look at the differences between us, when a man has an orgasm, while the feeling is great it seems to pale in comparison to a woman's. A woman is capable of full body orgasms. It seems to pulsate like waves throughout her entire body. Plus, and the biggest source of male envy, a woman is capable of wave after wave. A man has to have some recovery time. Just look at the different faces and expressions between the two sexes and you'll get confirmation of the difference.So rather than focus on the differences that separate you and your spouse, what if you brought more of yourself to the party? And they brought more of themselves?Could you handle that?Many of you will quickly reply ... yes Really though?Think about it this way, to my male readers, can you really handle a full grown woman? One who knows what she wants sexually and how she wants it? A woman in touch with her raw, animalistic nature? This will require more of you, perhaps MUCH more of you It may mean that after you've experienced your orgasm you have to stay around for hers. It may me you have to submit to her power, or you have to over-power her and truly take her.And to my female readers, are you ready for a full grown man? Someone in touch with his power. A man in tune with his raw, animalistic nature? This too, will require more of you.If you're interested in creating this part of you and your relationship, the Art of Pleasure will help you get started. Tapping into eroticism and new levels of passion requires tremendous personal integrity. It takes a great deal of integrity to face head on the demands and challenges of exploring your sexual potential.But you know what? Every one of us has some untapped sexual potential just waiting to be discovered.You can place two violins next to each other, pluck the string on one of them and the corresponding string on the other violin will vibrate. It recognizes its own wave. Marriage and sex can be the same. You and your spouse can resonate with each other, creating your own music together.

Author: Ryan Darrel
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 05/13/2019
Pages: 126
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.43lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.30d
ISBN: 9781097981915

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