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Heart and Soul Press

The Astro Tutor: Master Astrology Step by Step with an Expert: Basic Through Advanced Astrology

The Astro Tutor: Master Astrology Step by Step with an Expert: Basic Through Advanced Astrology

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In The Astro Tutor, acclaimed astrologer Nancy Frederick teaches you the basics with her trademark clarity and gives you the opportunity to progress in your studies of this fascinating tool for personal awareness. With delineations of every planet in every sign and every house, you can unravel your own horoscope or any one else's. You can also learn how to read a chart, understand relationships, predict the future, plan events, and what your chart means Karmically. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced student of astrology, this book will lead you farther along in your journey. Gain new perspective into your own life or the lives of the people around you. See how astrology shines lights into our everyday reality and how it points toward deeper, Karmic truths. The Astro Tutor makes astrology easier to understand, and by extension helps you see your own life more clearly. Astrology is a fascinating study of our inner workings as well as the way the world hums along with all its diverse energy and events.

Author: Nancy Frederick
Publisher: Heart and Soul Press
Published: 08/25/2014
Pages: 318
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.03lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.71d
ISBN: 9780692281284

About the Author
Nancy Frederick is an internationally acclaimed astrologer who has been consistently in print for over twenty years. If you read astrology magazines, you've read Nancy! She has published thousands of articles in all the national astrology magazines. Nancy contributes frequently to Dell Horoscope Magazine, with a bi-monthly column, many articles, features like the Yearbook, Purse Books and Love Sign Guides. As the founding editor of ASTRO SIGNS, she conceptualized the popular mini-magazine, designed its format, and wrote much of its contents for many years. She also wrote most of the contents of Astrology Your Daily Horoscope for fifteen years. She is the author of six books combining various aspects of metaphysics with romance. They are: Love and Sex Under the Stars, Dell, 1989 and a new version for 2014; Tarot: Love is in the Cards; The Lover's Dream; Palmistry: All Lines Lead to Love; Love Games: Psychic Paths to Love, Lynx Books, 1988 Nancy is certified by many astrology organizations, and has taught astrology privately in New York and Los Angeles, has lectured in New York and taught through the Learning Annex in Los Angeles as well as at conferences sponsored by the AFA. In addition to being an astrologer, she is a master of the Tarot and uses the cards in her counseling work. Nancy has done much research over many years into other aspects of metaphysics. A spiritualist, she worked for some years with a trance medium, talking directly to spirit and getting information about Karma, reincarnation, and technical astrological details. Ms. Frederick spends much of her time counseling a large international clientele. She's also the author of six popular novels. Visit to contact her.

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