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Ryan J. Leaver

The Decree to Restore Jerusalem: Premium Retail Color Print Edition & Spine

The Decree to Restore Jerusalem: Premium Retail Color Print Edition & Spine

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Understand the Jewish ancestry from Abraham through the significance of Jesus Christ's first appearance to when he was killed by the Romans in Jerusalem, Israel in 33 A.D. Be able to pinpoint Jesus Christ's second appearance through the gospels of Mathew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 & 21 where Jesus spoke about the "sacrilegious object that causes abomination or desecration" prior to the final 1,335 days of persecution in Daniel 12:11-12 following the first five seals and Jesus Christ's Second Coming according to Revelation 6, the Sixth Seal. Featuring 16 original full page color tempera and oil on canvas paintings 2013-2014: The Lamb of God in Heaven Breaks the Seventh Seal; The 1st Trumpet Angel; The 2nd Trumpet Angel; The 3rd Trumpet Angel, The 4th Trumpet Angel, the 5th Trumpet Angel, the 6th Trumpet Angel; The Mysterious 7th Angel meeting St. John on the Island of Patmos; The Seven Bowl Plagues; Armageddon: The Rider on the White Horse; Satan Chained for 1,000 Years in the Bottomless Pit; The First Resurrection Before the Great White Throne, behold the Bride of Christ: The New Eternal Jerusalem, Israel with the River of Life, and twelve crops per month, God with us, no night, streets of gold with 12 foundations: "first jasper, second sapphire, third agate, fourth emerald, fifth onyx, sixth carnelian, seventh chrysolite, eighth beryl, ninth topaz, tenth chrysoprase, eleventh jacinth, and twelfth amethyst." Revelation 21:18-21. The Lamb breaks the Sixth Seal in Revelation Six giving us the newly resurrected heavenly eternal bodies as Peter and Paul describe. Sound Doctrine or "correct teaching" identifies the final 7-year Israeli Peace Treaty with the Palestine Muslim Nation the final Eighth King-Fourth Beast will perform prophesized to us in Daniel Seven and Nine. Prior protection from Satan the Dragon (brilliantly illustrated) is given for 1,260 days or 42 months, with the "abomination" requiring everyone to take the mark of the Beast of the Earth "666" and worship a talking statue of the "Beast of the Sea" in Revelation 13 on the 1,290th day. We look forward with groaning and eager anticipation as we will endure fiery trials promised by both Peter and Paul of Jesus Christ's Second Return and fierce wrath upon those who took the "Mark of the Beast" and the establishment of the Lamb of God's Eternal Kingdom completing the required 70 sets of seven from Daniel Nine and the New Jerusalem, Israel found in Revelation 21-22. Seven sets of seven plus sixty-two sets of seven is sixty-nine sets of seven have now past and either the Final Peace Treaty or 1,260 days has begun; or we are still in the Gap of the Gentiles described by Paul formerly Saul chosen by God in Romans 8, 9, 10? Help solve the 4,183 year-old mystery now in 2018 back to the timeline of Israel from Abraham or 2165 B.C.

Author: Ryan J. Leaver
Publisher: Ryan J. Leaver
Published: 08/04/2015
Pages: 52
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.36lbs
Size: 10.00h x 8.00w x 0.14d
ISBN: 9780692501955
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