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The Euthanasia/Assisted-Suicide Debate

The Euthanasia/Assisted-Suicide Debate

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This revealing volume explores recent historical perspectives on the modern euthanasia and assisted-suicide debate and the political arenas in which it has unfolded.

Emotional public responses to widely publicized right-to-die and euthanasia cases, such as those revolving around Dr. Jack Kevorkian and Terri Schiavo, highlight their volatile mix of medical, ethical, religious, legal, and public policy issues. The Euthanasia/Assisted-Suicide Debate explores how this debate has evolved over the past 100 years as judicial approaches, legislative responses, and prosecutorial practices have shifted as a result of changes in medical technology and consumer sophistication.

Emphasizing the period from the 1950s forward, the book offers an unbiased examination of the origins of the modern medical euthanasia and assisted-suicide debates, the involvement of physicians, the history and significance of medical technology and practice, and the role of patients and their families in the ongoing controversy. This illuminating exploration of concepts, issues, and players will help readers understand both sides of the debate as viewed by participants.

Author: Demetra Pappas
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Published: 09/20/2012
Pages: 208
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.05lbs
Size: 9.30h x 6.40w x 0.80d
ISBN: 9780313341878

Review Citation(s):
Booklist 01/01/2013 pg. 62

About the Author

Demetra M. Pappas, JD, MSc, PhD, holds a law degree from Fordham University School of Law and a master of science degree in criminal justice policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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