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Independently Published

The Fae Prince Darcy: a Pride and Prejudice variation

The Fae Prince Darcy: a Pride and Prejudice variation

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Elizabeth Bennet has trained for years with her father to extract magic from poetry. It is painstaking and difficult work, fraught with elation and emotion. They send magic wands full of extracted power to the crown to be used in the war on the continent.

When Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives-himself an accomplished magic extractor-he doesn't like Miss Elizabeth. Too improper, not remotely feminine, nothing to match his exacting standards. And his standards must be exacting. He is a half fae prince. His father is the King of the Summer Court.

But years ago, the Gates to the land of Faerie close, and poetry is the only path to magic now. Mr. Darcy grudgingly acknowledges Elizabeth is good at extraction. He respects her for that, anyway.

The pair work well together. They fill wands, but they vex each other. They claim to dislike the other, but their work brings them closer and closer.

When they open the Gate to Faerie, they must work together. They are now England's best and only hope for a magical treaty that could defeat Napoleon once and for all.

Dear reader, this book is my love letter to fellow former English majors everywhere. Expect lots of very nerdy rumination over the meaning of all sorts of British poets (John Donne! William Blake! Andrew Marvell!) and a very special guest cameo from the original bad boy himself, Lord Byron. Plus magic, magic, lots of fae magic, a healthy dollop of dark academia atmosphere, Charlotte plus Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Mr. Darcy's hands inside Elizabeth's stays.

Author: Valerie Lennox
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 03/27/2023
Pages: 214
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.61lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.49d
ISBN: 9798375185163

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