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Luminaria Press

The Fool's Secret Journey Volume 1: The Fool Wakes Up

The Fool's Secret Journey Volume 1: The Fool Wakes Up

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About The Fool's Secret Journey
Besides the two major groups of humanity-the Many and the Powerful-there is a third group called the Few. They are wisdom beings, and they are our spiritual companions, but due to a cataclysmic event long ago that impaired our awareness, we can't ordinarily perceive them.

But what if we could?

Little known these days, the Few have always existed. Their mission is to wake the rest of us up to the hidden possibilities for ourselves, so that we may help them complete the tasks of the years and the ages.

But as we are, we're not able to help. To do so, our estrangement with the higher spiritual realms must end, for this is where the Few are-and where we once were also. Indeed, we were just like them, and can be again. When we realize we can do something about our predicament, then we have to act.
We can regain this awareness which was our original state during the Golden Age. It involves a journey that we must each undertake for ourselves. Those who embark on it are called Fools-the fourth, very small group of humanity.

A map of this journey exists, although it has been hidden for centuries. In The Fool's Secret Journey, Fred Cameron describes his twelve year search that led to its rediscovery. It was hidden nearly in plain sight in the jumbled and misunderstood Tarot cards, in the Zodiac, the Milky Way, and in the ever-present gifts of the universal Goddess, who has herself been suppressed all these centuries.

In this radical re-interpretation of the Tarot, the cards form a step-by-step description of the ultimate spiritual journey, that is just as relevant now as it ever was.

The Fool's Secret Journey is the foundation of a new spirituality, without the baggage from previous centuries. It is a clear retelling of ancient knowledge, striking in its original presentation. It describes a way the Golden Age consciousness may be restored. What is most important is that we know such a journey is still possible, and that assistance is at hand for all who sincerely want to take it.

Volume One - The Fool Wakes Up

Volume Two - A Map of Death and Rebirth

Volume Three - The Practices

Author: Fred Cameron
Publisher: Luminaria Press
Published: 06/26/2014
Pages: 292
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.87lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.61d
ISBN: 9780965710442

About the Author
Fred Cameron is a Foolish purveyor of possibilities. He searched for a living spiritual tradition for many years. This book is the culmination of that search. It draws from alchemy, tantra, kundalini yoga, Sufism and the Western Hermetic tradition-all of which, amazingly, are synthesized in the Tarot.

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