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Independently Published

The Guitarist's Survival Handbook: A quick reference and application guide to chords, scales and arpeggios

The Guitarist's Survival Handbook: A quick reference and application guide to chords, scales and arpeggios

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"The Guitarist's Survival Handbook" is a clear and concise guide to the fingering and practical application of chords, scales and arpeggios. Whether you are a novice or an advanced player, you will find the charts and graphs extremely useful. This book was originally created by a guitar instructor for guitar instructors. Virtually everything that a guitar teacher needs to instruct others can be found in this book As a guitar instructor for over forty years, Richard Greene has shared the joy of guitar with thousands and swears there is not a question, related to guitar theory, that cannot be answered using this book No matter what style you play, the information in this book will expand your knowledge and you skills. There is a chord section that shows the fingerings for every common and altered chord. It also explains how to expand them and use them to create chord progressions in all keys. The scale section has charts with logical and comfortable fingerings and an explanation of how to apply them. It also includes every modal scale for the individual that wants to master the neck in any key. There is an arpeggio section with easy to read fingering charts for the arpeggios that correspond to every chord presented in the book. Finally there is a section on the application of scales and arpeggios. Here you are shown virtually every scale and arpeggio that can be played over any chord. This is imperative to the guitarist who wants to know all of their options when creating solos or distinctive melody lines. Blank tablature and standard notation pages are included at the end of each section so that notes can be made for future reference or for writing assignments. Whether you are a songwriter wanting to expand your chord vocabulary, a lead guitarist wanting to find new scales and arpeggios to use while improvising or someone who wants to make a serious study of music theory, this book is for you Charts and graphs lay out everything in a clear and logical order so that you can see the big picture to whatever you need related to guitar. This streamlined book is packed with so much information you may never feel the need to purchase another guitar instruction book again

Author: Richard Allen Greene
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 08/01/1989
Pages: 106
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.58lbs
Size: 11.02h x 8.50w x 0.22d
ISBN: 9781093298956

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