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Inquisitive Pioneer

The Inquisitive Pioneer: The book of At-Home Basic-Materials Science Activities solving with a Slide Rule

The Inquisitive Pioneer: The book of At-Home Basic-Materials Science Activities solving with a Slide Rule

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This is a book for thinkers, students, teachers, and parents who love science and math in the form of activities only using common and basic items. For example you can measure the energy of the sun with a cup of water, a thermometer, and a watch. Each activity gives the purpose, the materials list, the procedure, the data tables, the formulae, and the conclusion to follow. One has to obtain the needed materials, if a student/child have permission and supervision, and a spirit of scientific curiosity to set forth on the adventure of science. All activities involve measurements and calculations to reach conclusions - which is the heart of the scientific method in practice. The range of activities spans most of physics, but looks at chemistry, astronomy, and several types of math too. The slide rule is encouraged ( and a paper template one is supplied ) to do the math with plenty of directions on its use and why it should be used to teach numeracy skills today. To take this quest one has to be the scientist, the researcher, the experimenter, the mathematician - in sum be the inquisitive pioneer. Table of Contents Ch.I Why bring the Slide Rule back to the Classroom today? Ch.II Basic Data Analysis with a Slide Rule Ch.III ... history of the Slide Rule Ch.IV How to Use a Slide Rule Ch.V Gauge Marks and Scales ... Activity 1: Using Math (and the Slide Rule) in Everyday Life Activity 2: ... - Proportions Activity 3: Calculating Cost of Water Usage at Home Activity 4: Calculating Cost of Electricity Usage at Home Activity 5: Some Indirect Measures determined Activity 6: Finding Pi using everyday objects and by graphing Activity 7: Similar Triangles ... determined Activity 8: Right Triangles Calculations Activity 9: Law of Sines Use with Solving Story Problems Activity 10: Estimate the Number of Leaves on a Tree Activity 11: Density of various Items Determination Activity 12: Computing the Number of Moles in a Substance Activity 13: Determining Weighted Average to explore Isotopes Activity 14: Measures and Calculations approximating Atmospheric Pressure Activity 15: Personal Pressure Determination Activity 16: Finding the Weight of a Car from Tire Pressure Activity 17: A Marble's Small Size Determination to relate to Atoms Size Activity 18: Charles' Law exploration with a Balloon and Thermometer Activity 19: Acceleration on an Incline calculation -Position-Time Data Analysis Considerations Activity 20: Acceleration due to Gravity determination Activity 21: Graphical Analysis of a Bouncing Ball Activity 22: Newton's 2nd Law relation examination Activity #23: Coefficient of Sliding & Static Friction Activity 24: Mechanical Energy calculation exploration Activity 25: Elastic Potential Energy determination Activity 26: Finding Energy and Power from climbing stairs Activity 27: Various Rate of Heating Determinations Activity 28: Finding the Rate of Cooling Activity 29: Comparing the Rate of Cooling Activity 30: Predicting Final Temperatures of hot & cold water mixtures Activity 31: Determining the Specific Heat Capacity of Water Activity 32: Determining the Specific Heat Capacity of a Metal Activity 33: Finding the Number of Calories of a Food Item Activity 34: Estimating the Quantity of Electrostatic Charge Activity 35: Electromagnet Graphing Explorations Activity 36: Rate of Spin of a simple Electric Motor measure Activity 37: Simple Magnetic Field Strength determination Activity 38: Exploring Waves with a Spring Activity 39: Several Pendulum Characteristics Explorations Activity 40: Determining the Wavelength of a Laser Light Activity 41: Graphically investigating the Inverse-Square Law of Light Activity 42: Estimating the Size of the Moon Activity 43: Solar Cell Study Explorations Activity 44: Graphically determining Kepler's 3rd Law Activity 45: Calculating the Solar Constant Project: Personal Slide Rule Template

Author: Bryan Purcell
Publisher: Inquisitive Pioneer
Published: 12/31/2014
Pages: 482
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 2.44lbs
Size: 11.02h x 8.50w x 0.97d
ISBN: 9780692359358

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