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Personal Development Publishing

The Prepper's Survival Handbook: The Essential Long-Term Step-By-Step Survival Guide to the Worst Case Scenario

The Prepper's Survival Handbook: The Essential Long-Term Step-By-Step Survival Guide to the Worst Case Scenario

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When disaster strikes, will you be ready?

It's a question we've all asked ourselves, and a question that is answered in great detail by an author who has survived multiple disasters not by going to extreme measures, but by taking preparation one step at a time to ready his household, his community and his mind.

If you've ever thought that preparation would be too difficult to manage, then the information in this book will be a pleasant surprise. You'll be guided through the basics of survival and the necessities for leading a successful and healthy transition through emergencies and beyond.

If you thought there was nothing left for you to learn from yet another prepper's guide, then the premise of this book will be a refreshing breath of air.

Rather than teaching you to hunker down and hide, Buck Collins invites you to stretch out and lead. Become not only self-sufficient but also heroic by focusing on empowering yourself and those around you even in the most challenging circumstances.

Rather than being another passive read to set on the shelf beside your edible plant references and the seven other survival books, this interactive book will help you to actively prepare your food, water, and supplies, and it will teach you the value of the human spirit amidst the most terrifying and deadly circumstances.

Here is just a fraction of what you'll learn from The Prepper's Survival Handbook:

  • 10 foods to store and how best to keep them
  • How to secure clean drinking water
  • What to keep in your first-aid kit and how to deliver life-saving techniques even in harsh conditions
  • How to maintain a healthy and functional household during duress
  • 5 ways to support your children through all that will come up for them
  • How to support yourself or others with disabilities or illnesses
  • 8 tips to master your mind and maintain your mental health
  • A step-by-step plan to develop and deliver an Emergency Plan both in your household and your community

And it doesn't stop there!

Don't be another hoarder, holed up in the pandemic of fear. Become a hero for yourself and your loved ones.

Your efforts and your vision will contribute to a world of properly prepared people who can teach, lead, and prosper regardless of what Mother Nature and mankind can throw at you!

Order this book now and find out what it takes to become a truly prepped survivalist before it's too late.

ISBN: 1989777589 EAN: 9781989777589
Publisher: Personal Development Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: April 17, 2020

Physical Info: 0.33" H x 11.0" L x 8.5" W (0.82 lbs) 154 pages

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