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The Rice Kings, Book Two: Charleston

The Rice Kings, Book Two: Charleston

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This is the second book in the Rice Kings series. Jonathan Lucas survives a shipwreck only to risk several attempts on his life before he rebuilds his career as an inventive millwright. His adventures place him in company with many heroes and heroines of the American Revolution. As he is successfully working his way from near ruin, back into a productive life, his very existence is threatened by an old enemy who has unexpectedly resurfaced. Against the backdrop of the Antebellum era of Charleston, South Carolina, Jonathan revolutionizes the rice industry, making the area the richest and most prosperous British colony prior to the War for Independence. This story will take you back to an age of elegance and culture, unmatched by any other society in the fledgling United States of America.Join us for a stroll through the wondrous past glory of the Rice Kings of Charleston.

Author: David Henry Lucas
Publisher: Jell Publishing LLC
Published: 08/06/2016
Pages: 354
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.04lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.74d
ISBN: 9780989573078

About the Author
David Henry Lucas developed a love for reading and history at a very early age. He was a frequent visitor to the Lee County Library in Bishopville, South Carolina, before he was 10 years old. Around the age of 9, he decided to check out Homer's "The Iliad" at which point the librarian, Mrs. Muldrow, asked if he intended to read this most difficult work for a child. David replied, "Yes" and took the classic work home. With help from his mother, Helen Lucas, also an avid reader, he completed the book and returned it after only one extension. His grandfather, father and uncle also succeeded in instilling a love for family history into the young boy. The reading of history and classic literature became a lifelong love. Growing up in the Turkey Creek section of Lee County, South Carolina, many youthful hours were spent listening to the "old-timers" spinning tales of yesterday. A cavalcade of characters, both real and fictitious, was paraded past young David as he sat listening to his elders tell stories of every conceivable genre. David spent the last 50 years of his adulthood living his own adventures as a collegiate athlete, businessman, entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, entertainer, bluegrass musician, a participant in politics, world traveler, movie producer, breeder of Egyptian Arabian Horses, real estate developer, resort owner and operator and last, but certainly not least, husband, father of 3 and grandfather of 6. David has now combined his love of reading, his love of history and his life experiences into a new career as an author. His memoir, "The Championship", chronicles his years as a University of South Carolina football player from 1965 through their ACC championship year of 1969. More than just a football story, the novel gives a glimpse of what life was like for a scholarship athlete going to college, joining a fraternity, traveling to southeastern Alaska for summer work as a game warden and growing to maturity during the 60's era of "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll." "The Rice Kings, Book One, The Beginning" was the 1st volume in a series of novels that follows the lives, loves, adventures, failures and successes of the Lucas Family over 250 years, beginning in the British Empire and the newly created United States of America. "The Rice Kings, Book Two, Charleston, " has just been completed. This second book will have you begging for more of the saga of this British/ American family. It is now time for the next episode of "The Rice Kings."

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