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Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide

The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama

The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama

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A revolutionary call to action for awakening, liberation, and leading our communities to truth, love, and wisdom

The Second Wave is now. You may have Earth amnesia and forgotten who you are. Your soul brought you here because it's time to remember. You are the old souls and master teachers from across the galaxy who came to Earth for the transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Now is the time. You're being called into service.

The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama, reminds you of the plan with guidance for closing the Book of Fate and opening the Book of Destiny. It's time to liberate yourself from the shackles of a dehumanized world, claim your sovereignty, stand in your truth and knowing, speak up and speak out, and BE the change in your family systems, communities, and world.

You are the ones the Earth has been waiting for. You are the wise ones, the ancient ones, the master teachers. It's time to rise up in Unity and unleash a flood of love and wisdom on the planet. It's time for the Second Wave.

This wisdom-packed guide will help you to:
- Understand why you have had so many life challenges
- Learn how to transition your life into the Book of Destiny
- Tune into your channel to receive direct guidance, and trust it
- Discover how ancient Earth wisdom can support you
- Turn your capacity to feel and empathize into a super power
- Break free of Ancestral DNA patterns through epigenetics
- Clear yourself of karma so your soul can ascend
- Unplug from mainstream consciousness and participate in Earth evolution

"As someone who's clearly walked the path, Kerri now leads us to a Divine reality-the new earth that is ours to create. Her deep understanding of shamanic and spirit wisdom helps us climb out of the karmic collective consciousness and move to our rightful place as sovereign souls. Wise, insightful and eminently useful for the spiritual seeker "
--Sara Wiseman, author of Messages from the Divine and The Intuitive Path

"The author, Kerri Hummingbird, shares with honesty and heart-warming courage her journey into what it means to be a human being who is awake and in conscious action. If you want to discover who you are, what you are and what is next then read Kerri's book. I am going to continue to open this book to remember the encyclopedic insight and supportive suggestions of what's possible in creating a meaningful, joy-filled life for ourselves and for future generations."
--Dr. Anita L. Sanchez, international award-winning and bestselling author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times

"A resounding and joyful "hallelujah " for this long-awaited and much-needed guide for healers and lightworkers. The Second Wave brings relief, clarity, understanding and comfort to all souls who have struggled throughout this lifetime. It's a true healing balm. Kerri Hummingbird beautifully channels Divine wisdom that will profoundly shift your perception, provide you with easy to implement practices and enable you to finally embrace your light and step more fully into your reason for being on this planet. You came here to make a difference and with this book as your companion, you finally can Bravo "
--Lisa Winston, #1 International bestselling author of Your Turning Point

Author: Gary Stuart, Lisa Barnett, Jennifer Hough
Publisher: Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide
Published: 07/24/2019
Pages: 182
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.60lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.42d
ISBN: 9780578530185

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