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The Seinfeld Scripts: The First and Second Seasons

The Seinfeld Scripts: The First and Second Seasons

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Jerry. George. Elaine. Kramer.

We've followed their misadventures for nearly ten years on Thursday nights. Here, finally, are the scripts of the first two seasons that will take you back to the beginning of Seinfeld.

Featuring the first 17 episodes ever aired, The Seinfeld Scripts contains all the great lines that have kept us laughing for years: the pilot episode, The Seinfeld Chronicles, where it all began; George introduces his importer/exporter altar ego Art Vanderlay in The Stakeout; Kramer becomes obsessed with cantaloupe in The Ex-Girlfriend; Jerry and George meet Elaine's dad in The Jacket; is Jerry responsible for a poor Polish woman's death when he makes The Pony Remark?; Jerry and Elaine decide to become intimate again in The Deal; what will George do when he is banned from the executive bathroom in The Revenge?; and Jerry, George, and Elaine wait for a table in The Chinese Restaurant.

It's all here: the award-winning writing of Seinfeld, the defining sitcom of our age. Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.

Elaine: My roommate has Lyme disease.
Jerry: Lyme disease? I thought she had Epstein-Barr syndrome?
Elaine: She has this in addition to Epstein-Barr. It's like Epstein-Barr with a twist of Lyme disease.

George: She calls me up at my office she says, We have to talk.
Jerry: The four worst words in the English language.

Kramer: What a body. Yeeaaah...that's for me.
Jerry: Yeah and you're just what she's looking for, too--a stranger, leering through a pair of binoculars ten floors up.

Author: Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David
Publisher: It Books
Published: 04/30/1998
Pages: 544
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.33lbs
Size: 9.11h x 6.19w x 1.46d
ISBN: 9780060953034

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