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Fordham University Press

The Uncertain Phoenix: Toward a Post-Cultural Sensibility

The Uncertain Phoenix: Toward a Post-Cultural Sensibility

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The Uncertain Phoenix is primarily an attempt at cultural self-understanding, based upon our Western experiences, and projected beyond them to the East. For, one of the way in which Western society might develop is toward a style of creative experience reminiscent of Taoism in China, especially now that the strengths of Western philosophy have been fully extended, if not indeed exhausted. Certainly we are rapidly approaching the limits to our growth and our dominance over nature, society, and human life. In Dr. Hall's view, such control or dominance has been the governing factor in the development of the West; this may now develop into the style of experience and thinking indigenous to classical Oriental-especially Chinese-culture. In this philosophy of culture, Dr. Hall sets forth what he believes the flight of the phoenix into the future may bring. Many of his projections of this future philosophy will prove certainly uncomfortable if not downright bizarre to many. He grants there are other likely futures besides the one he posits, but these include the dead future of war or political decay, and he feels that there is also a place for a less frightening vision of the future. We might as well be at least prepared for the better as for the worse of our possible futures.

Author: David Hall
Publisher: Fordham University Press
Published: 01/01/1982
Pages: 426
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.35lbs
Size: 8.92h x 5.98w x 1.19d
ISBN: 9780823210541

About the Author
David L. Hall is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas, El Paso. His interests include our understanding of Daoism and classical Greek philosophy, as well as the interpretive studies of classical Chinese philosophy. His publications include The Civilization of Experience: A Whiteheadian Theory of Culture and Eros and Irony: A Prelude to Philosophical Anarchism. He has also published in American philosophy with Richard Rorty: Prophet and Poet of the New Pragmatism.

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