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Independently Published

The Unstuck Leader: Getting unstuck. Staying unstuck.

The Unstuck Leader: Getting unstuck. Staying unstuck.

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Get Unstuck. Stay Unstuck.

Stuck is pervasive, stuck is personal, and above all, stuck is perplexing. But it's also solvable. You can get unstuck. Traditional models of top-down leadership have left us feeling frustrated, powerless and ineffective. It's time to break out of these obsolete paradigms so that we may explore new possibilities and new paths to success.

In the knowledge era of the 21st century, innovation is born not of the heroics of a singular leader, but rather of the interconnectedness of people and ideas within complex systems. This phenomenon is known as "emergence". A leader who senses and enables emergence is more competitive, faster moving, and experiences heightened creativity. In other words, they are decidedly unstuck.

This book will guide you through the five steps to becoming an Unstuck Leader. You'll learn not only how to do the things that great leaders do, but also, how to become the kind of person who does the things that great leaders do.

How to Become an Unstuck Leader

Step 1: Stop. Assess. Align. Reclaim your authentic power; the kind of power that comes from being aligned with your true self.

Step 2: Listen and Observe. Understand the people you work with and the systems you work within.

Step 3: Let go. Release what's not working.

Step 4: Co-create. Learn to sense and enable emergence.

Step 5: Say yes. Commit to Unstuck Leadership as a practice.

Judy Sims is a writer, strategy consultant and Board Certified Coach(TM). She helps leaders get and stay unstuck so they can thrive in a world that is growing more complex, more challenging, and less predictable. Previously, she was a co-founder and CEO of tech start-up Shopcaster, Vice President of Digital Media at the Toronto Star and Founding Publisher of the magazine Weekly Scoop. Her mission is to change the world, one Unstuck Leader at a time.

Author: Judy Sims
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 04/18/2019
Pages: 274
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.77lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.51w x 0.62d
ISBN: 9781092252942

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