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Vine Press

The Way of Awakening

The Way of Awakening

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3rd edition of The Way of Awakening from the author of The Miracle Self.

You have been searching for a miracle that you believe will heal your life, yet the very consciousness you have been searching with is itself the omnipresent form of all good. As we awaken to the truth that God or consciousness is not only the truth (fulfillment) of "inner" existence but also of all "outer" form and condition, our senses illumine and are quickly able to see clearly that which is.

"Whereas I was blind, now I can see."

The key to awakening-to tangibly having the health, wealth, purpose and fulfillment of life, and to be able to share it with the world-is to become consciously aware of God as all, "inner" and "outer." The problems we and our world experience are not entities in and of their own selves, because only God is entity, but are a matter of unawareness of the omnipresence of God, good. As our spiritual awareness opens it begins to see clearly. That which appears to be sick or discordant dissolves in the light of spiritual consciousness (as dark dissolves in light).

In The Way of Awakening Mr. Gorman provides a clear and inspiring guide to attaining the spiritual consciousness which is all, and is experienced as both inner and outer healing and fulfillment of being.

NOTE: this edition contains exactly the same text as the 2nd edition, but in a slightly lighter font (hence the reduction in pages to 234).

Author: Paul F. Gorman
Publisher: Vine Press
Published: 02/14/2016
Pages: 236
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.57lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.54d
ISBN: 9780692642955

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