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Working Actor Media

The Working Actor: A No Bullshit Approach to Winning the Acting Game

The Working Actor: A No Bullshit Approach to Winning the Acting Game

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Buckle your seatbelt. The Working Actor is unlike any other acting book you've ever read.

Most acting books are deadly dull. They get hung up on intellectual "intentions" and "choices." Not this one. The Working Actor is "a gutsy, funny, straightforward, bawdy, and indispensable book." It'll help get you work.

Using real world lessons the author has learned in over three decades in the Acting Game, The Working Actor will help you to:
  • Craft a workable strategy for the Acting Game
  • Create a reliable and repeatable "Method" for yourself
  • Get out of your head and let your imagination guide you
  • Reduce your nervousness and combat your self-sabotage
  • Get an agent to find you
  • Win every audition you go up for
  • Deliver on the set
  • And lots more-including practical acting exercises guaranteed to increase your potential

The Working Actor isn't by some stuffy professor that never acted for a living. at Skipper ("An artist. A real actor," according to Titus Welliver, star of Amazon Studio's hit show, Bosch) has more than thirty years of experience acting in films and on television. He's been coaching actors for years. He knows what it takes to become a Working Actor.

Do you have what it takes? Read The Working Actor and find out.

Praise for The Working Actor:

Pat Skipper's The Working Actor is a practical, easy-to-follow, sometimes unconventional and often hilarious guide for actors at all levels based on the real-world experiences of a true Hollywood veteran. I've worked with Pat Skipper on both my TV series and the guy delivered on every take. This made him stand out as a go-to guy. His insights on the business and the craft of acting are well earned and invaluable to anyone who wants to become a professional and always working actor.
-Bestselling author & Producer Michael Connelly (Bosch, The Lincoln Lawyer)

A powerful message to all actors, both novice and veteran alike. This book is a breath of fresh air, written by someone who has walked the walk. It's a healthy (and welcome) dose of 'tough love' and should be a part of every serious actor's library.
-Billy DaMota, CSA (Hollywood Casting Director)

Excellent, thoughtful and fresh advice. I just kept laughing my ass off. I would absolutely recommend The Working Actor not only to those thinking of trying a career in film and TV but to those of us who need to reevaluate our situations, give ourselves a kick in the ass, discover something new or be reminded of what we were doing that was working for us before. It is so much fun to read.
-Kurtwood Smith (That '70s Show)

Anytime anyone asks me what they need to do as a new actor, I'll tell them, "Buy a copy of The Working Actor and read the hell out of it " This is a gutsy, funny, straightforward, bawdy, and indispensable book.
-Jim Beaver (Deadwood, Justified, Supernatural)

Get off your ass Pat Skipper's wonderful book is a feast of useful information and entertaining stories that will help any actor, new or seasoned, be a better actor, and with a little work, a better human being. Do something Start by reading this book.
-Troy Evans (Bosch, E.R.)

Pat Skipper pulls no punches describing acting as a contact sport. As refreshing and exciting as a cold, hard, slap in the face; Welcome to show-biz "
-Mark Moses (Mad Men, Desperate Housewives)

A well-written book about the Working Actor's craft. Pat doesn't pull any punches. Every young actor should have a read.
-Joel McKinnon Miller (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Big Love)

Author: Titus Welliver, Pat Skipper
Publisher: Working Actor Media
Published: 09/21/2015
Pages: 264
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.86lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.60d
ISBN: 9780996538114

About the Author
Pat Skipper has been a Working Actor on TV and in film for more than three decades. In Studio A, he trains Working Actors to be elite athletes. He has a BFA from Florida State University, an MFA from the Yale School of Drama and a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks.

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