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Kingsley Grant

This Was Not Supposed To Happen: The Tamar Story

This Was Not Supposed To Happen: The Tamar Story

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She had plans but not the one that was soon to take place. Like any helpful, loving, and caring sister she was asked by her dad to make some food for her sick or pretending-to-be-sick brother. This was a well thought out and very rehearsed plan that he along with his cousin, orchestrated. Everything had to work just right. He knew he only had one opportunity. Once he was able to deceive his dad to go along with the plan, he knew he was well on his way. All that had to happen was for her to show up. She was about to walk in a trap that would forever change her life. Not only would her life be changed, but also the lives of other members of the family. One would eventually commit murder after two years of planning as revenge on what happened to his sister. This story will take you on an emotional roller-coaster as you move from one scene to the other. Not only will you be moved in emotional ways, but you will also see why the author felt compelled to share his own story. It is time to get real and deal with these tough issues through the prism of hope.

Author: Katrina Moody, Kingsley Grant Lmft
Publisher: Kingsley Grant
Published: 08/17/2011
Pages: 192
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.45lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.24w x 0.41d
ISBN: 9780615467504

About the Author
Kingsley Grant is CEO / President of Helping Families Improve, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Author, Motivational Speaker, DiSC Personality Facilitator, Certified Motivational Life Coach with the American Association of Christian Counselor, Workshop Presenter, and Clergy Member. He is also a Certified PAIRS Foundation Best Practice Facilitator. He is from Jamaica West Indies, and has lived in the United States for more than half of his life. He is the Author of the "10 Day Devotional" designed for teens and young adults while on Retreats or Short-Term Mission Trips. He is available to speak to Agencies, Churches, Business, Schools and any other organization that could benefit from motivational speaking on the topic of hope. Kingsley's strategy is to outline the process of moving from a place of hopelessness (less hope) to one of hopefulness (full hope). This he does by helping individuals Modify their thought process, Adjust their attitudes, and Position themselves. This is known as the M.A.P process. He believes that people map their way each day without thinking about it as they have formed habits around new behaviors. An example of this would be driving to work and encountering an accident on the main road. Immediately mapping begins to take place. We start to think of another way to our destination. Upon such discovery, we seek to implement that alternative path as soon as possible. Could a person do this in a marital relationship, family life, at work, school, or any other place that they find themselves? He believes they can. He shows them how.

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