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Transforming Church - Liberating Structures for Ministry

Transforming Church - Liberating Structures for Ministry

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In a world where the Church is faced with declining attendances, financial constraints and a shortage of clergy, is it possible to release a new vitality and energy? According to Robin Greenwood, if, as a Church, we can let go of the idea that we are marginalized, we can become much more confident, boldly discovering diverse and holistic ways of re-imaging the Church. When faced with diminishing congregations, instead of looking for someone to blame we can ask: 'What is there which is hopeful and fully alive, speaking of the liberating power of God? What can we offer to people and society who are searching for meaning in daily work and relation-ships? There exists within the Church a damaging split between clergy and laity, with laity being seen as somehow inferior. What is needed is to recapture the original concept of laity as being 'all God's people' or the royal priesthood of all believers. In this book, Robin Greenwood argues that in the Local Ministry movement every Christian person has a gift to offer. Everyone in their particular charism, and integrated with everyone else, is set free to do what is necessary for the Church to be Church. The Local Ministry movement gives a freedom to explore the many connections between faith and life, emphasizing how to have a sense of well-being, celebration, hope and enjoyment. It is in working together in a collaborative ministry that it is possible to halt the decline and renew the Church.

Author: Robin Greenwood
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Published: 02/15/2002
Pages: 160
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.50lbs
Size: 8.04h x 6.10w x 0.54d
ISBN: 9780281052080

About the Author
Robin Greenwood is Director of Ministry in the Church in Wales. Previous books for SPCK include Transforming Priesthood, Practising Community and The Ministry Team Handbook.

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