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Michael Brein

Travel Tales: Ghost Encounters

Travel Tales: Ghost Encounters

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Travel Tales: Ghost Encounters

Collects Michael Brein's ghostly accounts of the nearly 2,000 interviews with travelers he has met in his own travels around the world over the last four decades.

Although the typical travel stories collected in the True Travel Tales book series are ordinarily oriented towards safety and security in travel, the very scary and spooky accounts of ghosts and hauntings and all the variations in between can and do occur to travelers. Mostly these things will not happen to you. But you never know. You'll read in the series plenty of examples of the wide variety of spirit and ghost encounters that may pop up now and again in your travels as well as your own home life.

This book, however, pauses all of this. Instead of dealing with all sorts of true accounts of close calls and great escapes in connection with all sorts of scary travel situations including chases, foiled kidnappings, attacks, roadblocks, scary places, trips from hell, borders, and police, hitchhiking, international spying, smuggling, and intrigue, being in the wrong places at the wrong times, terror attacks, bandits, Mexican standoffs, airplane crashes, accidents and mishaps, white slavery, robberies, sexual harassment and assaults and more -- the series now pauses to explore the spooky world of ghosts and spirits and many of the no doubt related variations in between!

Instead of reading about the dangers and mishaps of others, whereby you'll focus on and gain healthier respect for the true dangers and risks of travel and adventure... the point of this book is purely to explore a virtually little known aspect of reality. By all means, haunted places abound, and where it was heretofore a forbidden subject to bring up, it is now relatively good sport to seek out haunted establishments and even to write down your experiences in a variety of guestbooks and ledgers provided at these establishments for just that purpose.

And make no mistake, whereas some of these stories are profoundly scary and unnerving, many are the stuff of keepsake memories and smack of efforts on the part of spirits to be recognized and even be remembered.

Many of the scary accounts of travelers in this book are tales of times gone by. Many ghosts seem to be intent on making others remember them. Other ghost experiences seem to be never-ending repeating replays of cycles of discarnate entities seemingly trying to resolve conflicts of times long gone by.

Yes, indeed, we are often the recipients of visits from ghosts and spirits on our own home turfs. It, therefore, behooves us to think of this book as not only a compendium of ghostly visits that we seek out or experience despite ourselves in our travels, but perhaps we ought to consider the visits of ghosts and spirits as similarly traveling themselves in a way from their own alternate space-time realities which conjoin or overlap with ours in one massive Contiguous Universe?

In this Reader or compendium of ghost and spirit tales, we broaden our look at not merely what we think of as the typical shadows, spirits, or apparitions reported by so many, but also to a much broader reality of similarly related behaviors of presumably a wide variety discarnate supernatural entities that cut across in mysterious ways broad swaths of what we may typically refer to as ghost or spirit visitations and their interactions with us.

Such ghostly encounters may not ever happen expressly to you, but assuredly something strange of an apparitional manifestation will invariably happen to a friend, a neighbor, or perhaps even a relative.

Author: Michael Brein
Publisher: Michael Brein
Published: 02/10/2023
Pages: 402
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.29lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.89d
ISBN: 9798215444139

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